Monday Motivation – TTCombat Staff Miniature Contest

Welcome to this week’s Monday Motivation! Our amazing staff are back with some of their latest creations the most recent work contest.

When you work for a miniature manufacturing company, it becomes inevitable that you’ll get into the hobby at some point. Therefore this will explain why we had seven entries in our latest work competition. The brief for this contest was ‘Survival’ and with this in mind, we’ll jump into the winner’s miniature.


Air-sea rescue is a tricky business for anyone, even the Resistance! However, this contest winner Ritchie has made the near-impossible task just a little bit easier thanks to a Strikehawk Tilt-Rotor conversion. The Ground Attack Missiles and Sentinel Defense Turrets have been left back at base and replaced with twin winches. Ritchie was kind enough to say the following,

”When I found out the ‘theme Survival’, I wanted to incorporate Drop Zone with some new techniques that I haven’t attempted before.  These were electronics for the props to rotate, pin washing & water basing for future projects of mine”.

Ritchie has done a great job creating the textured base which has been painted beautifully. The ripples move away from the propellers as you would expect to see in the real world. Our deserving winner will be doing a breakdown of how he made this diorama in a future post.


‘Hey hey HEEEY! Dude my finger is talking to me!’

TTCombat does not condone the use of drugs, even those that come from the Rolling Bones. But, if you’re ever passing by the Casino we’d recommend the blue ones! – This message has been written in accordance with the Toadstall Peddlar.

Taking the idea of survival in an unthought-off direction we have Moisha’s entry. Poor Henchroom has taken way too many of the narcotics on offer from the Peddlars coat and now he’s talking to his finger. The mushrooms and spores have been hand sculpted from Green Stuff and the stone base came from my garden. My favourite part has to be the little ladybug by a grass patch.


A poor homeless man has been caught out in the worse of the elements.  Thankfully for him, Jay has constructed a mini campsite atop a 50mm base for him to bunker down in. Using the Camping Set and Camping Accessories, Jay has created this great survival scene. The Homeless man has will be able to keep warm thanks to his open fire which Jay has painted nicely with the glow illuminating the scene.

Matt G

Matt G’s wait for another win continues but you can’t fault his effort with this entry. Having taken a Bionicle from the lego range of products, he’s converted this plastic toy with multiple parts from the Modular Space Stations to create this giant robot. With such a large miniature drawing the eye, you may have missed the survival element of this entry. If you follow the blaster barrel down to the bottom left corner you see a Halfling Samurai take his last stand.

The dioramas base has lots of details and has been assembled using parts from the Cargo and Scrapyard Dropzone Accessories.

Matt W

Just imagine that you have escaped the Canals of Venice by leaping through the rent in the sky to only appear in Feudal Japan. What’s worse for this poor Rashaar Slave is that he’s lost a foot along his travels and still hasn’t been able to remove his manacle. Matt W has done a great job converting this Carnevale Miniature into a lone samurai using his sword to limp on. The base looks great and the trail of blood is a nice touch.


What a night these Halfling Drunks have undertaken! Crossbows were fired, pints were downed and by morning only one was left standing. There seems to be a clear theme with our staff members as Moisha is surviving a mushroom trip whilst Westie’s Halflings are surviving liver disease. Westie has done a great job building this little scene on a cobblestone base. The Drunks are well painted and the set dressing has been done very nicely.


Ash Williams has been shrunk down to miniature size! A horde of the undead are closing in and yet this Halfling feels no fear for he has his BOOMSTICK! James has used Evil Dead for his inspiration and converted a Halfinator H-400 into this horror icon. The conversion has been carried out really nicely and we’ll forgive James for putting the Chainsaw on the wrong arm because of it. I really like the detail he’s put into the base with the numerous amounts of blood stains he captures the horror element which drives home the theme of Survive the Halfling Zombies.

Thanks for all your hard work guys! The prep for the next painting contest has already begun and we’re looking forward to what the team do with ‘David vs Goliath’ as their brief. 

If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post. Please send us some photos to


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