TTBromley Thursday – Through the Cabinet Glass

Today we are giving everyone a chance to have a look inside one of TTBromley’s display cabinets. I wonder what lovely creations we will find within. Without further ado, let us jump straight in.

Top Shelf – Rumbleslam!

Let’s start us off with the top shelf where we find some of our favourite Rumbleslam models. The wrestlers on display here are regularly seen within the ring as they are in fact the staff’s own teams. First we’ve got Ed’s Moote Carlo stable, always in the mood for a good scrap, or a snack, whichever is fine! Second is Erik’s ‘Sunday Morning Massacre’ with their iconic bright colours and round, black trimmed bases.

Middle Shelf – Resistance, Dropzone Commander

The Resistance units shown here are but a small sample of the large force fielded by Erik. However, this army has had three separate contributors. Specifically this army is built, converted and painted in batches by George Mac, John (Ante Venatus Studios) and Erik. As we can see, many models are converted or has custom elements added to them creating a very unique army.

Bottom Shelf – Rashaar, Carnevale

Ah! The children of Dragon are a sight to behold! Though, please forgive that pesky Black Lamp and TTCombat delivery man (?!) trespassing into Rashaar territory, both painted by Jez. Clearly, they must be lost. Furthermore, in the back you can spot some familiar faces. Indeed, the Zovena, the Morgraur and The Flame that Burns Underwater were previously featured on our Monday Motivation. Of course, these were created and painted by Jon Berenguer-Webb. He has kindly allowed us to display his work in our cabinet.

That finishes today’s glance into one of TTBromley’s two display cabinets. Which models were your favourites? Any models hiding in the background you’d like to see close ups of the future? Regardless, I think it’s time to browse through TTCombat’s online store to plan my next project, I’m thinking a PHR Behemoth…

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