Sunday Spotlight – Stores, Events, & Highlights

Sunday Spotlight is the newest post we’re bringing to TTCommunity.

We are looking to promote stores, clubs, & events that handle TTCombat products! If you sell or use our stock then we want to hear from you.


If you put TTCombat products on your shelves, then we want everyone to know that they can walk into your store and find what there looking for. Just send us some pictures of our Miniatures, Games, or Terrain in your shop, and then tell us who you are so we can promote you across our media channels.


Tabletop gaming is best enjoyed with others. Therefore if you’ve had a game of Carnevale or perhaps Dropfleet at your FLG/Club then let us know. You can do this by sending us a picture and telling us about your experience. Just don’t forget to let us know about your group.


This is a bigger one. Ourselves and our TTAgents try to attend as many events as we can but unfortunately we aren’t able to make an appearance at all of them. If you’ve attended an event hosting one of our games or terrain then we’d like to know about it.

If you do something TTCombat then message us and a picture!

That’s it! We look forward to hearing from everyone and we can be contacted via or through our Social Media channels. In the meantime head over to the TTCombat webstore to access our full range of Resin and MDF.

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