Major Terrain Release Day 15/04/22

A Scourge in the system stopped this from going out last Friday. So please enjoy last week’s new release post. There is a load of brand new Terrain arriving in the TTCombat store today for all your Sci-Fi Gothic and Carnevale fans.

We’ve got a housing special today in the world of Carnevale. The powers at be have heard the call for affordable housing with ample room for knife tricks, spell casting, and swordplay. Therefore the Streets of Venice range must grow further.

Calle Trascurato

If you hear a rumbling coming from the roof fear not. It’s probably just your friendly local Capodecina waiting to leap on a lumbering Lesser Ugrduu. Comprising three individual buildings which can be clipped together or kept separate, this set adds a great opportunity for varying height gameplay.

Designed for 28-32mm Tabletop gaming, the Calle Trascurato is available today for £16.

Calle de la Fiore

A cheap property with a balcony? It will make any regular Harlot feel like a Barnabotti. The Calle de la Fiore is a beautiful 3 piece addition to our SOV range. Thanks to varying heights and roof space we expect to see lots of vertical combat. However, if your tabletop is looking a bit full, fear not as you can choose to not connect the buildings but instead spread them out.

Designed for 28-32mm gaming and made from MDF, you can purchase the Calle de la Fiore today for £16.

Calle de la Cenere

The Calle de la Cenere is arguably the grandest of the lot today. Comprising 5 individual structures which interlock you’ll be able to place a large home with varying heights at the center of your board. Alternatively, you can spread the buildings out or connect them to other Modular Venetian kits using a handy clip system.

This set is made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm tabletop gaming. You can purchase the Calle de la Cenere today for £16.

All these kits are perfect for any Carnevale board and work great with the rest of the SOV range.

Additionally, all three Calle kits are a part of our Modular Venetian range which is designed to connect to previous releases. Now onto some Resin Terrain releases. 

Tomb World Pillars

The TTCombat Tomb World range is perfect for any ancient robotic skeletal villains who’ve recently arisen.  Made from Resin and ideal for all kinds of rituals only know to these Egyptian like creatures, the Tomb World Pillars are a great addition to your war-torn tabletop. The set itself comprises 2 large pillars, 2 two tapered thin pillars, and 2 large bases. Of course you can chose to stack, snap or spread across your board if your feeling adventurous.

You can pre-order the Tomb World Pillars today for £9.

Tomb World Monuments

Are you really the exalted Phaeron of the robotic undead if you don’t have your own monuments? Luckily you to can awaken from your sarcophagus to find the Tomb World Momuments waiting for you. Made from Resin and perfect for adorning your tabletop with pillars and buttresses these monuments make for great scatter terrain. The set is comprised of 2 large tapered pillars, 2 thin pillars, 2 buttresses, 2 tomb crystals, and 2 small plinths.

You can pre-order the Tomb Wolrd Monuments today for £9.

Bolstered Machinery

The Bolstered Machinery has been designed to specifically to decorate your Sci-Fi Gothic MDF products. Its always nice to have the option to further accessories your kits and thanks to this set, you can add Fans, Vents, Consoles a hatch and even wires. Furthermore the wires all fit together and are compatible with the other Bolstered sets releasing.

The Bolstered Machinery set is can be pre-ordered today for £9.

Bolstered Drop Alternator

The Bolstered Drop Alternator might look familiar for fans of space aged wargaming. Perfect for adorning your tabletop, you can take advantage of either swapping out the interior columns for a radar dish or using the excess columns for scatter terrain.

Made from Resin and designed for 28-32mm gaming you can pre-order the Bolstered Drop Alternator today for £9.

Bolstered Drop Emplacement

Dropping from the sky and safely behind enemy lines, the Bolstered Drop Emplacement is a strategists dream! Armed with your choice of either the Quad Accelerator or a Hydra Missile System you can have new ways to kill, main or annihilate pesky Orks. This set contains 1 Bolstered Drop Emplacement and 2 weapons.

Made from Resin and designed for 28-32mm scale gaming, you can pre-order the Bolstered Drop Emplacement today for £9.

Bolstered Munitions

Out of ammo? Super human soldiers and regular fighting guard can’t be slaughtering green skins with bullets. Luckily, you can order the Bolstered Munitions. This set is perfect for scatter terrain or for use as a strategic point and is made up of 7 different types of crates and 1 big rack of bombs.

Made from Resin and designed for 28-32mm scale gaming, you can pre-order the Bolstered Munitions today for £9.

These kits work great with our SFG and INH range of MDF.

That’s it! We hope everyone has a great weekend and don’t forget to check back on monday for the latest Monday Motivation.

Looking for your next hobby project? Want something to build and paint? Remember to check out the TTCombat Webstore as you may find your next project there! If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!

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