New Release Part 1 – Halfling Sand Raiders!

The end of the week is upon us so its time for another edition of New Release Friday! With this in mind you’d best prepare yourselves as a new army arrives to the TTCombat store for Pre-Order.

The burning sands of the desert have been ruled over by the Mummy undead for too long! Now is the time for the world to be rid of them!

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Halfling Sand Raider Army

Stab, shoot, slay and slaughter the Undead of the desert! The Sand Raider forces have assembled into our latest deadly fighting force to give those damned Mummies some competition. No longer will those rattling ribs prey upon the living. Clad in splendour raiment, the Halfling Sand Raider Army are marching on the TTCombat store for pre-order today. This army box bundle contains:

  • 3 legendary heroes
  • 20 Spearman
  • 3 Cactus Golems
  • 20 Warriors
  • 2 Rocket Launcher Teams
  • 20 Archers
  • 10 Camel Riders
  • 1 Chariot and crew

So, you’ll be able to pre-order the complete Sand Raider Army box for £100.

Sand Raider Heroes

A wave of relief passes through the army when these Heroes take to the field of battle. There’s just something enormously reassuring about the squat figure of the Lord on Flying Carpet descending into the fray.  However, if this drumstick wielding brute isn’t to your taste your in luck! The Mage and Sword Champions are more than capable at dispatching the undesirable flesh eaters.

You’ll be able to pre-order these 3 mighty Heroes for £12.

Cactus Golems

Saturated with unknown ancient powers, these Cactus Golems harness the strength of their barren home and stand as its guardians. It is a common sight to witness the lumbering creatures plodding along the tops of sand dunes before raising a prickly arm in defence of the Sand Raiders when called upon. For fear of being turned into soup or a hearty broth the gentle Golems return to isolation whenever possible.

You to can call upon the Cactus Golems to join your army for £12.

Halfling Sand Raider Chariots

Heralded by screens of dust, the Sand Raider Chariots break the crest of the dunes before descending upon ranks of the unsuspecting Undead and crushing decayed bones beneath their weighted wheels. So that they are never caught unprepared, Charioteers will ride into battle wielding either spears, swords or bows.

If crushing the bones of your enemies is something you’re into, you can pre-order these crashing Chariots for £15

Halfling Sand Raider Warriors

Surging forward into the formation of the undead ranks, they never stand a chance against these opportunistic Warriors. Unlike their Spearman compatriots these scimitar slashing swordsmen armed with crescent shields are ideal for carving a path through enemy ranks. In addition to the standard warrior, this little battalion is lead by a Champion, Standard-bearer and Musician.

These scimitar Warriors will be available to pre-order for just £20.

Halfling Sand Raider Spearman  

Ostrich steaks! mmmm… I can already taste them. Sand Raider spears aren’t just for hurling towards those peanut brained birds. They’re also for Sand Raider Spearman to hurl at no-brained mummies skulls. Yes, just aim the pointy end at those empty eye sockets and wait for second death to befall the undead.  Wielding long shafted spears and crescent shields, these Halflings are essential to  members of this Halfling Army.

Moreover, you will be able to field these deadly spears for £20.

Halfling Sand Raider Archers

I used to be a Halfling Sand Raider Archer like you until I took an arrow to the… Yeah we’ll leave it there. Trained from birth using tasty Ostriches as target practice and thanks to years of dedication these lethal ranged troops are accurate. When coupled with the Sand Raider Spearman, these Archers will prove to be the most difficult challenge the Undead has faced since well um death. Finally like fellow infantry units these archers have a unique, Champion, Standard-bearer and Musician.

The Halfling Sand Raider Archers will be available to pre-order for £20.

Halfling Sand Raider Camel Riders

Fleas! oh god so many fleas! Granted they might not be the most beatific or noble of creatures such as a horse but when travelling across the sands, no creature has the camels endurance. Perfect for enacting flanking manoeuvres and chasing down fleeing foes, these beast usefulness outweigh their smell. Armed with spears these Halfling riders are lead by a Champion, Musician and Standard-bearer.

Riding into the TTCombat store this Friday, you can pre-order the Camel Riders for £20.

Halfling Sand Raider Rocket Launchers

Finally, alchemical fire shall rain down exploding projectiles right into the centre of the Mummy forces army. It matters not how these shrewd Halflings came into possession of these weapons and certainly not worth trying to find their previous owners! I’m sure they’ve returned east… yes east! They’re certainly not buried up to their necks somewhere in the sands surrounded by scorpions. Anyway, all that matters is that explosive projectiles shall defend the Sand Raider cause.

You to can pre-order the Rocket Launchers without the need to betray Eastern Halfling traders for £15.

That’s it! Halfling Sand Raiders are available for Pre-order today before a full release on the 4th of March 2022.

Looking for your next hobby project? Want something to build and paint? Remember to check out the TTCombat Webstore as you may find your next project there! If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!

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