Carnevale – New Releases ft. THE FLAME!

There are some new arrivals to the canals of Carnevale this week!

Its Friday which of course means we have some new releases coming to the TTCombat store and this week its Carnevale. But this week we’ve decided to spoil the TTCommunity with an additional New Release post dedicated to MDF, for those of you who want to check it out click here. Now if your still reading this you better prepare yourself because we have a new Queens of the canals. Also we have an exciting new product available from the TTCombat Painting & Modelling range!

The Flame That Burns Underwater Arrives!

The Flame That Burns Underwater (Hence forth known as Flame for this article) is finally going to be available for all you Rashaar players. We know this has been a LONG journey from the first edition Vesper-on days of Carnevale. But since our last Kickstarter deviation we have finally got a grip on her tentacles and so the Flame has arrived. Having merged with her trusted Cephalopod companion this new Gang Leader has undergone a huge makeover. Oh and we’ve also heard the rumour flying around the Guild that her tentacles don’t have bones! So before you go cutting her up we want to clarify that they are built from an intricate tapestry of coiling muscle fibres! I know Sciencey!

Your Rashaar Gang will be able to capture her unique powers for £25.


With Flame finally arriving we bet Rashaar opponents might be feeling a bit nervous about how to tackle this new threat. Unfortunately for the other Gangs of Venice it gets worse, oh so much worse. Sirena has made her way out of Kickstarter limbo and is the newest Rashaar Hero! For centuries sailors and dockworkers have told tall tales of beautiful half fish, half women creatures of the deep. It is unfortunate that the tales are true and these enchanting singers have descended upon the canals. Sirena’s hypnotic aura ability toils away the minds of any enemies who dare approach her while her allies annihilate there forces. Because, you guys waited so long for a release we thought we’d add an additional Sirena sculpt to the blister!

The sultry Sirena will be available to purchase for £12.

The Night Watch

The Patricians observe the lesser beings of the Carnevale world with disinterest and discontent. Why should they endanger their valuable aristocratic lives when The Night Watch can be summoned. Hired help is a constant sight among the Patrician Nobles who rely heavily on these trusted retainers. The Night Watch is a female centric booster set which adds 2 new heroes and 3 new henchmen. Rival gang players will very soon quiver at the sight of the fearless Venetian Heavy Guard.

The Night Watch could be the latest Guard miniatures in your gang for £25.

Side Clippers

We’ve expanded our range of Modelling Tools with the release of the TTCombat Side Clippers. These will work great with trimming back MDF or cutting away any troublesome resin.

The TTCombat Side Clippers can be purchased for £7.50

If the resin releases have peaked your interest, then head over to the TTCombat webstore and order yours now before they’re gone!

If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!


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