Ruined Sci-Fi Gothic Friday release!

Another week and another set of some truly extraordinary scenery as well as the debut of our first painted cover art. Something glorious to behold if we do say so ourselves.

Hello everyone. Welcome and feast your eyes on our latest release and brand new box art debut! The Civitalis has been freshly destroyed and the satellites are up and running!

Civitalis Ruins

Here it is, in all its glory! The Civitalis ruins with the painted box art. We hope you like it as much as we do. Now please don’t be fooled, the box art is to show what we have done with this kit just to illustrate how your kit could turn out. All of our MDF kits are supplied unpainted and need to be built.

The Civitalis Ruins contains 7 corner ruins ranging from 1 storey to 3 stories. Also included in the kit are 3 large crates and 2 small crates. The Civitalis Ruins will fill a 3×3 gaming board whilst providing competitive features for  a 28-32mm tabletop campaign and is ideal for new hobbyists as well as experienced hobbyists.

The Civitalis ruins will be retailing for  £32!

Test Hill Satellite

Next up is the Test Hill Satellite, containing a singular satellite which can split into 2 parts for easier storage. Articulated and able to move 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically, your transmissions can be sent to any corner of the universe making this a great addition to your scenery.

The Test Hill Satellite comes in at £12

Ruined Test Hill Satellite

Yes, we also have a ruined version of this glorious little piece of scenery. It is worth mentioning that even though this satellite has suffered some sever damage it is still must as moveable as ever as well as separable for easier storage. The damaged sections providing cover and some unique hiding spots.

The Ruined Test Hill Satellite is retailing for £12 as well.

Port Bond Satellite Receiver 

Last but definitely not least is the Port Bond Satellite Receiver. In memory of our dear Arceibo which collapsed in 2020. This kit is a must if you are wanting to build a satellite array, no point in sending transmissions if you cant receive an answer. Perfect for 28-32 mm table top games, the walkways running across the dish are suitable for models to perch on. Alongside this the scaffold towers act as fantastic line of sight blocking terrain.

The kit contains one large radio dish as well as 1 small outpost building and is only £16!


And there you have it! Another full 3×3 gaming board ready for battle on the  4×4 Graveyard gaming mat.

Im not sure about you but I really want to watch a certain film about alien contact and build my own array of satellite dishes right now.

If that does not appeal to you then feel free to check out our other ranges on the  TTCombat webstore. Maybe something else will peak your interest. If you have any TT Combat products which you have painted or would like to share with us, please feel free to send photos to We may even feature you on the TT Community for Monday Motivation.

Happy weekend fellow hobbyists!

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  1. That dish pointing up would make a perfect excuse to use some water effects in a “ruined terrain” / “nature reclaimed” type setup!

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