Cyber Space Elf – Friday Releases

Take a look at this weeks releases on the TTCombat store. We have some new and updated space elf and cyber kits to feast your eyes on.

Now you may have seen some of these kits already on this week’s teaser Tuesday and of course we will show them again, but I have some more buildings to show you alongside them. We’ll start with something you’ve already seen and go through what we have available from today.

Space Elf Spires

This set features a large set of interconnected, modular walkways and platforms. The space elf spires make a great fortified line of defences or group up in the image above as a cluster of spires providing a bit of extra height.

The spires are available for £20.

Space Elf Grav-Dais

The smallest kit of this week’s releases but no less important. This set is a medium sized landing pad large enough for a floaty tank to perch on, with enough room for models to move underneath.

Great filler for any space elf table you’re building, this addition provides a raised shooting platform for your minis.

The Grav-Dais is available for £8.

Space Elf Spirit Beacons

These large portals provide instantaneous travel between each arch. With two in a set they can be setup across a board to add a bit of dynamism to a standard board edge. The “U” shaped sculpture on the top of the arch can be removed and used as small scatter allowing a model to occupy the high ground!

Two Spirit Beacons are available in a set for £12

Cyber Ordnance Platform

These two large Cannons stand ready to defend your cyber worlds. This kit boasts multiple points that allow you to glue the parts together at varying angles of rotation and elevation.

When you aren’t using them as units they make great additional detail for any board.

Two Cyber Ordnance platforms are available for £12.

Cyber Gauss Pillars

The Gauss pillars are a combination of two older kits we reworked to be more detailed and interesting. This kit is great to provide smaller scatter terrain in and amongst larger pieces that still have that distinct Cyber style.

As an added bonus, the pillars can be used on their sides as Cyber containers or with the smaller generators on the top of the pillars, providing even more usability.

The Gauss Pillars are available for £12.

As you can see, these kits make a great board and and are perfect additions to any existing Space Elf or Cyber boards.

If you would like to see more of our Space Elf, then head over to our website. Or if Cyber is more your style then click here.

Once again, if you are planning on painting these or have painted anything TTCombat in the past then send in your pictures to

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