Teaser Tuesday – Streets of Venice

Hey folks, this week we will be returning to Venice. More specifically we will be expanding our Modular range of Streets of Venice MDF scenery.

This weeks releases are a fantastic addition to our Streets of Venice range. Every kit released this week is fully compatible with our existing modular Streets of Venice range.

Modular Procuratie

Continuing our desire to have the entirety of Venice available in MDF, we’re heading back to San Marco. We previously released our version of the famous clock tower in Saint Mark’s Square, but that wasn’t all! We’re now doing the rest of the Procuratie!

The Modular Procuratie comes in a few different flavours, all designed to be great standalone buildings but also for stacking next to each other to make Saint Mark’s.

This singular building is a fantastic addition to a Streets of Venice table top. One fantastic addition to this kit is the size of the playable roof, the sheer size of the roof makes it great for high up skirmishes.

Modular Procuratie Vicolo

Next up we have the Modular Procuratie Vicolo. These two stunning arched bottom buildings come as a set together. They feature many of the same features as the Modular Procuratie, making them perfect for bulking out your plaza. All of these features make it perfect for a game of Carnevale. One building is 2 storey and the other is 3 storey, so they work perfectly together as a way of ascending to higher areas of the tabletop.

That’s it for this weeks teasers; we’ll have more to show you on Friday when the full release is out. In the meantime if you would like to check out the rest of our Streets of Venice range you can do so here.

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