The sleepy suburbs WIP

You think you are safe in the suburbs? Well you are wrong, destruction will find you no matter where you lay your weary head at night.

Hey there and welcome back to Work In Progress Wednesday. Today we have something you cool cats have been asking for, for a while. We have decided to take the proverbial hammer to our suburban city streets range.

Sanctuary Junction

I’m sure you all remember the delightful Sanctuary Junction. Well here is what it used to look like before civil war entered the neighbourhood

And here is what it looks like now, potentially. We will be removing a bit more of the structure so it will be even more damaged very soon.

Eagle Estates

Not even the beloved Eagle estates are safe. This gorgeous suburban has been decimated and pulled apart so its only a husk of what it used to be.

While damaged and derelict, these buildings do add a whole bunch of character to your table top. Battle ready with loads of cover and shelter to be had. So unless you are actually planning on moving into the neighbourhood, these kits are perfect for a war torn table top.

These will be coming to our store soon but in the mean time, make sure to head over to the TTCombat webstore  to see what else we have to offer.

If you have any scenery that you have painted or altered to suit your needs, make sure to send your pictures over to and we might feature you in our next Monday Motivation post!

Stay groovy homies.


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