New Bolstered Brush Releases

We have a massive event today: loads of exciting new things on sale!

There are two big releases today: TTCombat Paint Brushes, and the new Bolstered Bastion sets!

TTCombat Paint Brushes

In possibly the most exciting news of the year so far (tied with spray paints maybe), we are releasing not one, but two new ranges of TTCombat Paint Brushes!

The TTCombat Army Brushes are designed for… well, for painting your armies!

This new range of synthetic brushes is made to paint a lot of models with precision. From Large Drybrush to Fine Detail Brush, you have loads of choice for whatever you want to paint.

And even better is the price:

  • Army – Large Drybrush: £4
  • Army – Small Drybrush: £3.50
  • Army – Basecoat Brush: £4
  • Army – Layer Brush: £4
  • Army – Detail Brush: £3.50
  • Army – Fine Detail Brush: £3.50

For those wanting to paint any of our awesome MDF and resin scenery (or scenery from anyone else really), we have a whole range of TTCombat Terrain Brushes.

This range is mixed, with flat synthetic brushes, and boar hair stippling brushes.

These brushes are made to quality specs, and will last for a long time of painting terrain.

  • Terrain – Basecoat Brush: £5
  • Terrain – Layer Brush: £4
  • Terrain – Detail Brush: £3
  • Terrain – Texturing Brush: £5.50
  • Terrain – Stippling Brush: £4

What are you going to paint with them? How about…

Sci-Fi Gothic Bolstered Bastion

A new style of Sci-Fi Gothic scenery!

The new Bolstered Factory is a great example of this new range!

Designed to look like it’s just smashed into the ground from orbit, the factory deploys rapidly and starts producing goods. The sets are made to look heavy and armoured – perfect for your space monks.

The Bolstered Factory comes in at £16.

Next up: the Bolstered Communications Tower. This tall piece is perfect for getting a decent vantage point. Ride the elevator at the back up to the top to shoot down on your enemies.

The Communications Tower – much like the rest of the Bolstered Bastion kits – is heavy-set and fully armoured, providing excellent cover for your troops.

This one is £12.

After something a little smaller, but no less sci-fi looking? Bolstered Generators are your friends!

This kit contains 1 twin generator, with four plasma pipes in each side, and a drop control module with a computer terminal. This set provides a little cover (those things are bigger than they look – 140mm tall!), and makes for some great objectives.

The set of 2 is now available for £16.

We’re not done yet! If you are after a big base, then the Bolstered Bunker is your boy.

This big kit has two floors and a little control room on top. It’s covered in thick armour plating, has spaces to shoot out, and the floors are all removable too for maximum gameplay. There are half a dozen barricades included, so you can take cover from heavy weapons’ fire. There’s even a space on top for a gun turret.

The Bolstered Bunker is a bargain at £16.

Last, but by no means least is the Bolstered Landing Pad.

This excellent kit is part landing pad, part giant fan. The blades poking out from underneath turn this into a kit filled with detail, with plenty of space for landing on and loads of great bits to paint.

The Bolstered Landing Pad is in store now, at £12.

So much to see! So much to paint! And the perfect brushes with which to paint them!

All of this week’s new releases are available in store now.

If you’re after Paint Brushes, click here to see them all!

If you want Bolstered Bastions, this will drop you from orbit right on top of them.

Head over to the TTCombat webstore now and check out all these awesome new things!

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