Do Golems stomp or step?

Everyone come have a look at our new releases for our fantasy range!

I bet they stomp but when they sneak is it a step? These are some very interesting questions… Hmm. Changing it up this week with our cool and hard stoned Golems.

Ice Golems

Ice to meet you…

“Ice Spy with my Ice eye something begining… I” These Ice golems are ideal to step up your playing board for a game of war or the foes that party comes across in your latest campain.

This set contains 3 unique figures avalible at £12.

Rock Golems

Rock crushed parchment, Rock smashes shears. Rock Wins!

“GRRRRRR! *Grumble Grumble* Gravle Gravle” These hard skinned Rock Golems will put up with everything that you throw at them cause they’ll throw it back at you ten fold but hey can get crumbly when emotional. Most seek solitude in dark caves and coming out during the storms to shower. Either way not one’s to be messed with.

This set contains 3 unique figures avalible at £12.

Also the RUMBLESLAM minis that we’re preorder are avaliable to buy now so go check those out!

So what’s your thoughts? Do Golems stomp or step or cheat at games? Come check out our webstore for the latest Fantasty releases and more!

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