Bank Holiday New Releases!

It’s a bank holiday release day, but that just means that I’m typing this while relaxing in a hammock and getting fat eating chocolate eggs.

Ahhhh this is the life! I’ll stop munching for a minute, because we’ve got some big releases this week to go through.

Resistance Monitors

First of all, we’ve seen them all week and the Resistance Monitors are now available for pre-order!

The Newton Monitors set contains three of the new ships, able to be built as three Newton Kill-Sats or three Galileo Orbital Telescopes (or both if you’re careful with the magnets).

These ships may be slow, but what they lack in speed they make up for in versatility or flat-out firepower.

The Newton boasts the massive XN-40 “Godray” Orbital Mass Driver – a Particle weapon that does 3 Damage per shot. it’s really, really dangerous. The Galileo on the other hand trades its big gun for an equally big telescope, which is useful for Active Scanning your enemies. When it does so, you put a Major Spike on them instead of a Minor Spike, and it also helps friendly ships to target that enemy: they do Critical hits on one over the Lock value instead of two. That’s a lot of Criticals!

The set of three is available to pre-order now, for £20.

Sci-Fi Gothic Convent

Not only do we have new ships, but we have new terrain too!

If you’re a fan of sci-fi wargaming in a dark and grim future, well how about some MDF kits?

Today marks the release of the first wave of our new Convent kits!

This new range takes a less frontline approach to Sci-Fi Gothic (less frontline than the Fortified Frontline sets definitely), preferring to see what the war looks like in residential areas of a city. All of the kits in the Convent range are modular, able to be used with each other to create a sprawling mass of buildings suitable for a gothic hive city.

The longer pieces with fancy roofs slide in nice and neat to the end blocks, pressing together. There’s no moving parts or anything – they simply lock up next to each other – plenty sturdy enough for a game, and then you can take them apart for storage. You also get to make new mazes of buildings every game, so no two battlefields need look the same!

With that in mind today we’re releasing the Convent Pulpit and the Convent Ambulatory.

These new sets are a great start to your Convent board. The Pulpit has a platform at the front for speaking (or for shooting your enemies from), stairs at the back, and loads of spaces to slot in the modular pieces. The Pulpit is a great centrepiece for your Convent, and the pagoda roof can also be removed and used with any of the rest of the Convent pieces as its own building!

Meanwhile the Ambulatory is more of a collection of pieces to help expand your setup. With two small arched buildings and one long arched building, there’s a lot of connecting pieces. The two end blocks have a classy dome on one, and space on the other for mounting a squad. There are even some benches and fences to help set the scene (and take cover behind). All the pieces here are separate, so while we’ve gone with a classic horseshoe shape, you can piece them together in any format you want each game!

The Convent Pulpit is available now for £24, and the Convent Ambulatory is £26.

But that’s not all! We’re also doing ruined versions of everything!

You can see the Ruined Convent Pulpit, the Ruined Convent Ambulatory, and also a set of Convent Ruins.

These kits really show the start of what you can do with the Convent range. Not only are they covered in beautiful detail (seriously, how exactly did Ben manage to make such great looking roofs out of MDF??), but they’re super practical for gaming as well.

All of the kits come apart into multiple pieces – demonstrated nicely below with the Convent Ruins.

These ruined versions add a bit of spice to your board, and are also really handy for playing. With loads of chest-high walls and holes to shoot through, they’re excellent soft cover for your games.

The Ruined Convent Pulpit is now in the store, and costs £14, the Ruined Convent Ambulatory is also £14, and the set of Convent Ruins is £16.

The Resistance Monitors are available to pre-order now, out on April 9th, and the Convent sets are ready to buy right now! Head over the TTCombat webstore now to check them out (there are loads more pictures over there too).

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