Suburban Teaser Tuesday

Taking a trip to the suburbs? You want to have a look here!

We’ve got another week in the City Streets this Friday, with loads of new sets coming!

We have been revisiting some of the older designs in the City Streets range, and this week we’re heading out to the suburbs, with a new look on the suburban houses.

Our new kits have has a rework from the ground up, including the Sanctuary Junction Home, above. With MDF roofs (at last! No more flimsy roofs that your models can literally fall through), they’re so much more sturdy than before, and with some clever design, they’re also removable with hidden locators, which is nice!

We’ve also been making a whole bunch of changes that you may or may not notice. The kits have been reformulated to fit better on the sprues, allowing some like the above 2 to add in some extras with the space left over. Picket fences and BBQs? Yes please!

The kits have also had a lot of “quality of life” changes made, including increasing the space between laser cuts and etching, meaning each kit is a lot sturdier than before, which makes them much better for storing between games.

Of course, we’re not spoiling them all today, so pop back on Friday to see all the new houses with which you can make your little slice of suburbia!


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