Advent Calendar 22

TTCombat is expanding in all new areas next year, crack the door to see!

Day 22 on the advent calendar, and things are just getting bigger and bigger!

It’s a Hobby Accessories sort of day, and we have some big news on the horizon.

Next year we’ll be launching our own line of tools!

We’re starting off with a range of paintbrushes in the new year.

We had these prototypes arrive in the office just this week, and they look great already! The range will be divided up into 3 types of brush: Army, Showcase, and Scenery. Within that you’ll have your classic Basecoat, Layer, and Highlight brushes, as well as some more specialist ones like Stippling and Drybrushes.

The scenery brushes in particular are very exciting, as they’re some of the best things you can get for painting MDF terrain. Large brushes with a range of bristle types (the lighter bristles above are a Stippling and Texturing brush respectively) means you’ll find painting your scenery quicker and easier than ever!

It’s going to be an exciting year for TTCombat, that’s for sure! We’ll have more information on this new development in 2021, but you won’t have long to wait, so if you’re planning to start new hobby projects in the new year, we’ll have you covered for brushes!

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  1. really? There are so many brushes on the market that my head hurts. why don’t they develop the DC universe? is this game already closed? why?

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