It’s a massive day for RUMBLESLAM releases!

Today marks an historic day in the squared circle. We’re embarking on a journey that’s going to take many months – expanding every single team from every single casino!

To that end, today we are releasing two new “booster boxes” for the Heavy Pounders and Green Bruisers. Of course – this being RUMBLESLAM – you don’t have to pair them up at all! These new boxes each contain 5 brand new wrestlers with unique skills who can be used in any team you can concoct!

The Headliners

Starting off with the golden boys, as always!

This brand new set contains five human(ish) wrestlers, going from super weak to super heavy.

  • A Lucky Winner who is terrible in the ring, but forces your opponent to make lots of Dirty rolls.
  • A Halfling High Flyer who has 2 different Turnbuckle abilities and is very good at using them.
  • A Charging Blocker who shoves your opponents round the ring with his heavy rope attacks.
  • A Martial Artist, excellent all-rounder and fantastic at knocking your opponents to the mat.
  • And an Ogre Flattener, who is the best pinner in the game!

Each wrestler comes with their own character card, lovingly made into the great new tall style, with beautiful artwork and detailing their full rules (and Dosh cost – the team comes in at 1 mil 25K btw).

This team is available now for £22.

The Mighty Madcaps

Greenskins don’t fret, we’ve got you covered too!

The Mighty Madcaps are here to throw your carefully laid plans into disarray! They have a bunch of mushrooms (including one really big one who also is covered in mushrooms) and are just… weird.

  • A Cannonballer goblin who make excellent live ammunition.
  • The weird and wonderful Sporing Gobloom who can shake spores all over your enemies.
  • A Toadstool Peddlar, looking to sell his wares to friendly wrestlers.
  • A Juicer who has been entirely taken over by a very angry little mushroom.
  • And the Henchroom, who is a giant mushroom whose finger is another, smaller mushroom. I know, I know, when you’ve made the sale, stop selling.

As with all other RUMBLESLAM models, they also have all their rules included, and while this team is a little more expensive in Dosh (coming in at 1 mil 100K), they’re still on sale for the low price of £22!

Scrapheap & Puggy

Two stars for the price of one!

Scrapheap & Puggy are an excellent team (although only one character card – Puggy doesn’t actually add much to the combo, but don’t tell her that), trading in subtlty for a massive ball (and halfling) and chain.

This pair are all about raw power, but can also use their momentum to smash your enemies, sending them flying out of the ring!

Scrapheap & Puggy are a Superstar for Kaiser’s Palace, making an excellent upgrade for your Headliners, but as with all RS wrestlers, can be used in any casino! Pick yours up today for £12.


The toughest Orc around!

Porcelynn is one of Rolling Bones’ top Superstars! She’s tough, she’s cool, and she’s surprisingly well-tempered for an orc.

With a choice of Grapple abilities and a statline that would make Rookies cry, Porcelynn brings the heat! She’s a fantastic all-rounder, and her Crowd Pleaser allows your whole team to re-roll their Crowd Pleasers, so she’s multi-talented too!

Porcelynn is available now for £8.

So there we have it! Two brand new team expansions, and two excellent Superstars too! Each of these individual wrestlers adds something brand new to your games, so even if you pick and choose a couple to include in your regular teams, they’ll change up your games and keep your opponents on their toes.

All of these wrestlers are available to pre-order right now on the TTCombat webstore, so head over there and get your fill of awesome new wrestlers! And don’t forget to visit the Resources section for updated rules on your Heavy Pounders and Green Bruisers too.

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