The Mighty Madcaps: RULES

Pssst! Hey you! Wanna buy some cool new RULES? All the cool orcs are doing it.

Ignore that shady guy, and listen up! I have some primo rules for you, for a good price. All I ask is your attention. First taste is always free – that’s how they get you!

If you’d like to know what our brand new expansion team the Mighty Madcaps bring to your games, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll warn you now though: if you just wanted orcs and goblins that purely like beating people up, you’d better take a seat. I mean, I guess there’s one that likes that, but technically he’s a mushroom so….

The Mighty Madcaps!

This new team has the familiar setup: 2 little ones, 2 medium ones, and 1 big one. That big one is really big though. Seriously.

As a team they cover some of the bases that the standard Green Bruisers don’t worry about. Your typical greenskins are great at fighting, but don’t have much else going on. This team adds a lot of new stuff!


Let’s start small and heavy!

The Cannonballer is like a regular goblin, but worse! I know, I know, how did we manage to make a goblin worse? We found a way.

This guy’s basics stats really aren’t much to write home about, I’ll be honest. However, as with a lot of WEIGHT 1 characters, he’s got some great abilities!

Green Thunder is what he’s learned from the Troll, and helps to smush enemies around the ring. Cannonball is also a very useful skill. Even though it takes all his AP (plus 1 for climbing onto the Turnbuckle), this one move does a massive 4 Damage. From a Goblin!

But outside of the Cannonballer’s turn, he actually becomes even more useful. You get to add 1G to his WEIGHT when thrown as Live Ammunition. That means he can potentially do 5 damage to an opponent when thrown at them! On a blank he takes extra damage, but are you really worried about hurting your own goblins? If you answered “yes” you should probably find a different casino to wrestle for!

Don’t forget that both the Orc Brawler and Orc Grappler have Da Boss special rule, which makes throwing friendly wrestlers even more efficient!

Sporing Gobloom

What exactly is a Sporing Gobloom you ask? It’s part spore, part goblin, and part mushroom. See? Easy!

The Sporing Gobloom is possibly the most reliable goblin in RUMBLESLAM. I know those are usually two words that don’t go together. Believe me, it’s not the goblin part that’s reliable, it’s the mushrooms growing out of him. Speaking of which, isn’t that art amazing?

With some very rare +1s (rare for Rolling Bones anyway), and a massive (for a goblin) 5 Stamina, this guy is pretty solid!

And he actually has a whole load of useful skills. Like what?

Here you go, here’s 2!

Debilitating Spores allows you to give whatever counter you want to an enemy wrestler. You can do it a couple of times a round too, which is nice!

Slo-Mo-Gro is a passive ability, which puts even more counters on wrestlers! This guy is dealing out bad counters all over the place. Be careful with your positioning though, as you can easily find yourself sporing your own team!

Toadstool Peddlar

It’s that shady guy again!

This orc really wants to sell you some performance enhancing mushrooms. Notice that he’s actually a HEEL character, as the crowd really aren’t fond of his juicing antics!

As an orc, he trades in some of his raw power for a more balanced approach, with 2S in both ATT and GRP. That means he’s less likely to be taken by surprise, and can still give most other Rookies a good run for their money. But this orc is a support character at heart.

One of the Toadstool Peddlars skills allows him to buff friendly wrestlers. He gives them a dose of Sporoids for 1AP, gifting them with a counter of your choice. Normally that’s an okay move, but not amazing, but check the fine print!

This move allows wrestlers to go above their usual limit of counters! If your friendly wrestlers have 2AP or MP counters, the Sporoids give them even more. This is the only wrestler in the game with this sort of power too, and we’re sure some epic combos will be thought up!


This is a lesson in what happens when to pay one too many visits to the Toadstool Peddlar.

The Juicer is technically an orc, but really we’re paying attention to that muscly mushly growing out of the top of his head!

The zombified orc underneath isn’t much good when it comes to stats, although he’s beefy enough to have a massive 9 Stamina. His DEF and GRP are pretty bad, although the +1 does help a little. 3S ATT is the big news here: the highest ATT value on a WEIGHT 2 Rookie in the game!

And if that ATT and THROW 1 didn’t clue you in enough, how about the Fungi Fury ability?

This wrestler always has Fury on their Brawl attacks, meaning you’re getting twice the punching for your AP! With 5AP as well, that’s a potential 10 Brawl attacks in a round (provided you pass your increasingly difficult Dirty rolls). Just make sure you can get close enough, as that zombified orc doesn’t move so quick!


Did we design an entire team around the pun in this wrestler’s name? You can’t prove anything!

As a WEIGHT 3 Rookie, the Henchroom is a fair bit more balanced than you might expect. A very reliable ATT value is the best bit here, but don’t discount the 4AP! That’s really useful, giving your team a big wrestler who doesn’t suffer this issues that most other WEIGHT 3s do.

The Henchroom has a couple of great skills (including access to a 4 Damage DEVASTATING Turnbuckle ability called Mushroom Cloud), so there’s plenty to do with them.

One of those skills is Spore Umbrella. For 2AP you can shower everyone within 2 squares with AP counters! You choose whether they’re +AP or -AP. Everyone gets one, so you’ll want to be careful with your positioning. Either give +AP to all of your team (which on its own is insanely useful) or take AP away from as many enemy wrestlers as you can get close to! The real trick here is to try to hit as many friendly OR enemy wrestlers as you can.


And how about a tough-as-nails Superstar? No funny business here, let’s get back to solid wrestling!

Porcelynn is a very balanced character, with an emphasis on grappling. Her GRP is really strong, but there isn’t really a single stat that she suffers in. A beefy 10 Stamina puts her as one of the toughest wrestlers around too!

She’s got a choice of a couple different Grapple Abilities, and you don’t have to choose! Pedigree is cheap as chips with DAZED, while Powerbomb costs a bit more AP but does a straight up KNOCKDOWN (and an extra damage point too). Why not both? She has 4AP to use.

Handspring Back Elbow not only allows Porcelynn 3 extra squares of movement (which can be very useful for getting across the ring quickly), but can do a tremendous amount of damage. Use it when your opponent is getting ready to do a Turnbuckle attack, hogging the corner square. It goes from 1 Damage up to 5 (including Smashed Against the Turnbuckle)! That’s enough to instant KO a bunch of smaller wrestlers, and it only costs 2AP as well!

There’s even more stuff we haven’t had chance to go through. I haven’t even mentioned Crowd Pleasers! How about more random counters getting dealt round? Or increasing your whole team’s THROW stat? Or a certain 19th Wonder of the world giving re-rolls to all Crowd Pleasers for the round? Yep, there’s loads more to find out!

How do you feel about this new team? They’re a bit weird! They take a little more concentration to play than you orc players might be used to! 😉

If they’ve piqued your interest, head over to the TTCombat webstore for the rest of Rolling Bones, and stop back tomorrow when these wrestlers will be released on the world!

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