Monday Sector Token Motivation

It’s a new week so time for some new weekly motivation. This week we have some Dropfleet Commander Sector Tokens. Very small, yet very detailed and  Román García has done a great job with them.

Something a bit different this week, from big buildings last week to th smallest building we sell this week. Dropfleet Sector Tokens. These are very small, very detailed tokens that look great when painted, but not the easiest to paint.

However painting them really does help to give life to a Dropfleet Commander board so it is most certainly worth the effort.


Great job Román García.

If this has motivated you to try Dropfleet Commander, or work on the more ancillary products of the game yourself, then take a look at the full range on our webstore.

If you have a project you are really proud of then please do send us some pictures to so that we can share them with the world.

Have a great week everyone.

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