South of the Border Superstars

Our new Superstars are here, since it’s New Release Friday!

With three brand new Superstars released for pre-order right now, there’s been no better time to take a trip to Moote Carlo!

Coming in every size, each of these Superstars brings something new to your team, and – as with all RUMBLESLAM wrestlers – can be used in any team, Moote Carlo or not.

Belleza Agua

We’ve seen this lady develop over several WIP Wednesdays, and now is your chance to recruit her!

Not just a character from folklore, Belleza Agua, the Drowned Woman, is coming to the ring to try to numb her sorrow. One with the water (which some say is made from her own tears), this wrestler is not to be messed with!

Able to curse her enemies, disappear into a puddle and reappear anywhere, and even drown your opponents if they lie down for too long, Belleza Agua is a fascinating character to play, offering loads of unique options in your games.

And that model is just amazing too. She even comes with an optional wafer-thin veil if you’d like to hide her face away and have a go at painting some extremely challenging see-through material!

Belleza Agua is available now for £8.


From the company that brought you Halflings, here’s another Halfling!

Feminist icon and all-round badass Maggie is sprouting into the ring.

Using her mighty temper (I mean, just look at that expression) and a whole plethora of dryad powers, Maggie is light-weight but not light on special abilities!

Not only can she boot opponents out from across the ring, but her thick roots mean that she cannot be Lifted. I know, it’s crazy. The only way to get a conscious Maggie out of the ring is to Pin her, which certainly limits your opponents options a bit! Add in that she can pass that ability to other wrestlers, and why am I still even typing because come on, who doesn’t already have her added to their cart?

Maggie is a steal at £6!

El Mecánico

Completing our releases this week is the big guy!

And the little guy I guess?

El Mecánico is a chonky beast of a wrestler. A demon brought forth from the elemental forces of the world, he’s found his true passion in the wrestling ring! When not fixing up the train to Moote Carlo or tweaking the spotlights, you’ll find him smashing face.

With no tricks, El Mecánico relies on his sheer brute strength to see him through – and it usually works! With a bunch of different skills, you’ll find something for every occasion, and most of the time you’ll end up wishing you could take two of him!

El Mecánico always takes his best friend Manuel with him, who is always happy to mix up a drink for your team, buffing them up with a little liquid courage! Just don’t ask for the Golden Flake Liqueur – it’ll hurt going down!

The big orange demon is available for pre-order now, at £12.

Are you excited to pick up some new Superstars? What do you think of these great new models? Let us know!

Do you have any other Moote Carlo wrestlers painted up already? We’d love to see them! Email your pictures to for us to share right here!

All three of these new Superstars are available to pre-order RIGHT NOW! Simply head over to the TTCombat webstore to pick them up.

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