Sketchy WIP Wednesday

We have shown you some MDF,  you’ve seen some resin and you’ve even seen some marvellous painting so you really should see the art from the artists who help bring all these things to life! Specifically Carnevale.

Theres an upcoming expansion for Carnevale coming called Blood on the Water and we’ve got many different artists working on it to bring you lots of cool illustrations!  I believe the saying goes ” a picture says more than a thousand words”, so im going to raid the SSD’s and let these sketches do most of the talking because honestly, im the new guy and like Jon Snow, I know nothing.

I present to you, an ominous looking bird! Oh and a certain faction of ships sailing from…somewhere.

Wherever they sailed from, I guess whoever these guys are below weren’t too keen on them showing up!

Meanwhile someone had a stroke of lunacy. Did they really have to go and  block the waters by blowing up a bridge? It’s a bit drastic, now theyre all stuck. 2020 really is getting to people.

Fights, death, explosions and a mad scientist, yes, there is always a mad scientist lurking in the shadows. I dont think that person is being embalmed with gold…are they even dead?! Im going to assume no.

In conclusion, I have given Jon Snow a run for his money but im sure the more eagle eyed amongst you saw some interesting things. However, what I do know is that is just a tiny sample of the wips for each one! The process for art is not a quick one by any means. Each artist is given a brief which then goes through many stages before getting approved.  Such as initial thumbnails, revised thumbnails, development sketches and ultimately the final illustration. There is a lot of back and forth, tweaking the sketch to get the most fitting illustration possible. Which results in us giving you lots of cool art!

Whilst I was lurking through the SSDs I did come across one more folder, specifically titled “super top secret”, therefore it must be juicy! Thus I present to you this super top secret sketch – look away now if you want to avoid spoilers.

Seriously, spoilers ahead…

This is on you…






Dammit Rei!  -_-

In the meantime, if you havent seen the current Carnevale art book which is currently available on our store, you really should!

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