Miniature Wargames + Carnevale

Do you like Carnevale? How about exclusive miniatures?


This month we’re teaming up with Miniature Wargames Magazine to bring you a massive Carnevale feature!

Inside you’ll find interviews with the team, some lore, a brand new short story, and an exclusive scenario to play through. There’s also a painting guide, because the issue comes with a free exclusive Barnabotti!

Currently the only way to get this awesome new miniature is by picking up the magazine, which helpfully you can order online!

So if you’re a fan of Carnevale and want a special mini, whether you’re thinking about dipping your toe into the fetid canals of Venice, or even if you just want a great looking model to paint, make sure to pick up this month’s copy of Miniature Wargames Magazine, or even start a subscription for monthly hobby content (I have one, and it’s great!).

This comes at a great time, because the Virtual Tabletop Gaming show is happening this weekend. You can find all the information on their Facebook page – it’s sure to be a weekend of fun!

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