Teaser of the Dead!

Is it November 1st already?

It’s not, but we’re moving the Day of the Dead forward this year, as this Friday a brand new RUMBLESLAM team is going on sale!


It’s not every week we get a brand new team, but this Friday we’re rounding out Moote Carlo with 5 new rookies and even a brand new Superstar!

Introducing the Calaca Cabala!

These happy-go-lucky skeletons hail from deep down south, alongside the Lords of the Ring that came out earlier this year.

The team consists of the traditional two Weight 1s, two Weight 2s, and a big ol’ Weight 3 wrestler.

The Angelitos are our smallest skellies, bringing their own maracas and sombreros to the ring – all the better to wrestle with!

The regular sized skeletons are the Difuntos. Arguably more interested in dancing than fighting, don’t let that fool you – they’re great at both!

Finally the Bandido Esqueleto is our resident Weight 3, complete with Finger Guns (yes you can fire them) and enough tequila to get through the match.

This team is completely unique in RUMBLESLAM, as they have a couple of special rules helping them out. They benefit from loads of re-rolls, and really want to focus on KOing (and being KO’d actually). You’d expect no less from skeletons!

Accompanying the team is a new Superstar, Senora Muerte.

This scary lady is full of gothic charm, and is torn between the worlds of the living and the dead. Part person, part spooky skeleton, and all-round badass! You seriously don’t want to get on the wrong side of Senora Muerte, lest she give you the Touch of Death!


All of these wrestlers are coming to the TTCombat webstore this Friday, but that’s not all!

We’re also releasing the second edition RUMBLESLAM rulebook for digital download on Friday as well!

This PDF download has all the rules for playing the game, including the newest additions like Pinning. There’s the full list of Sponsorships, and quick reference as well. You don’t get all the story and full art I’m afraid, but because of that there’s a hefty discount!

The digital rulebook is available for *checks notes* FREE!

That’s right, full rules for free, new team, new superstar, all available on Friday! NICE!

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