New Releases – Doctors & Vatican

The wait is over!

We’ve had a little time off from Carnevale releases (the whole pandemic thing), but today we’re back with a bang! And a crackle of lightning.

Up for pre-order today we have two new boxed sets and a new blister pack, so there are plenty of reinforcements!

Esoteric Investigations

First of all we have the Esoteric Investigations. The Doctors are really pushing the limits of the word “doctor”.

This box contains 2 Heroes and 3 Henchmen, and they’re all new character claasses!

The Doctor of Poisons does exactly what it says on the tin. She’s great at poisoning weapons to take down the biggest of the Doctors’ foes, and can also administer handy elixirs to friendly characters too. The Doctor of the Firmament meanwhile is not good on the front lines, but is a mage with few equals, able to take magic spells from multiple disciplines!

The Apprentice Doctor is very flexible, joining other doctors in the gang to learn from. Finally the Hollowmen offer you a way to replenish Will Points not just from your doctors, but from your Madmen too!

This new box is available to pre-order now, for £22.

Morgue Doctor & The Being

Joining the Doctors we’ve also got a unique character!

Previously only available via Kickstarter, The Being is now shambling into the webstore, accompanied by a Morgue Doctor to help.

With massive muscles, The Being has been stitched together from a few different parts and brought to life through magic and technology. Brimming with muscle, The Being is a fantastic fighting addition to your gang.

The Morgue Doctor plays a much more supportive role. Not excellent on the front lines, the Morgue Doctor is a rare character with access to Divinity magic, which means he can buff and heal The Being is even higher heights!

The two of these are now available for £14.

Insurgency Force

Fed up with not making headway in Venice, the Pope has sent in some of his best (or cheapest) fighters.

This new box contains some great reinforcements for your Vatican gang.

The French Guard are Henchmen choices that are cheap to recruit and while they don’t care much about the overall goal, they bring some decent weaponry to the table – excellent for the Vatican who are often outnumbered.

The Avignon Guard gets a new model. Covered in plate armour and with a particularly huge sword, he hits hard and can take a beating. Just don’t let him get thrown into the canal, because that armour is heavy.

The set is rounded out with the brand new Scorpio Marksman, who is tough to hurt and packs a serious punch from long range. The scorpio crossbow he carries does +2 Damage, -2 Penetration, and hits so hard it pushes your opponents backwards when it strikes! Perfect for shooting faster enemies off the rooftops.

The Insurgency Force is also £22 for four (although technically five) miniatures.


Are you excited to get some reinforcements for your gangs? Or just keen to get a game in? If you’ve done any painting over lock-down or are finally getting some (appropriately socially distant) gaming going on, make sure to send us some pictures!

All of today’s sets are available to pre-order on the TTCombat webstore now, so head over there to check them out!

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