New Exclusive Releases

New exclusives! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Today to commemorate Gencon and to celebrate the imminent opening of the first Troll Trader store, we’re releasing our 2021 show exclusives early!

Not only that, but we’re keeping the 2019 show exclusives available for a bit longer too – it’s been a bad year, we could all use the pick-me-up.

But before that, talking about the Troll Trader store in Bromley, check this out!

Isn’t that COOL?!

Jason and crew are working very hard to get the store ready, and we’ll have more information on it next week for you! 😀

Anyway, exclusives!

2019 – What a Year

2019 was a nightmare at the time, but we now look back fondly at those halcyon days. How naive we all were!

Well, don’t worry, because 2019 is here to stay for a little while, as we’ve got all of the exclusives still available for you. From the sleek Plague Doctress to the super-dumb Columbus (we love it). From the ramshackle Pungari Thresher to the quite literally falling apart Brains Babe. They’re all there waiting for you!

We’ve also got all our standard exclusives available, like the Carnevale/RUMBLESLAM crossover team the Masked Mayhem, or the massive 2-Up New York Battleship.

All of the older exclusives are available to order now. But the brand new advance order 2021 ones are still being produced, so there’s a pre-order window on them.

Occupied New York Sector Pack

The Dropfleet exclusive is this amazing set of Sector tokens!

From the Empire State Building to the Freedom Tower, this set has it all! There’s a ruined Statue of Liberty, and also of course the massive Tartarus building. You even get 3 Scourge Orbital Defence Batteries in there, as well as a set of New York style skyscrapers.

The whole set has its own rules on the way next week, with some rules and scenarios to play. Although even without they make excellent additions to your game. The Tartarus is like a Cluster in itself!

The whole set of 8 pieces comes in at £15.

Traffic James

What else can we say that hasn’t been said about this hunk?

Part man, part spelling mistake, Traffic James is the Dropfleet/RUMBLESLAM crossover Superstar you didn’t know you needed. Modelled after a young David Lewis in his prime, James is an excellent support character for your RUMBLESLAM teams, or an excellent Dropfleet mascot!

He comes complete with a character card to use him in game, and as a Free Agent, he can be taken in any RUMBLESLAM team without losing your Sponsorship bonus. Bonus!

Traffic James is £8 in the webstore.

Osprey Light Gunship

It’s a Dropzone celebration!

Based off some of David Lewis’ earliest sketches, the Osprey has arrived as a 10-year celebration of Dropzone (the date is even on the sketch – see store page!).

It’s a slightly older and slightly weirder design than where the UCM ended up, and that’s the same in the lore too! An older design rediscovered during the Battle for Earth, a limited number have been manufactured to provide some take-all-comers firepower for the UCM commanders.

The Osprey is a real retro meets modern design treat, and one of them is £12 (they come in squads of 1-2 for a Support choice FYI).

Zovena Vela

We saw a little more about Zovena Vela earlier today, and now she’s ready to order!

A brand new Gifted character, Zovena Vela has travelled all the way to Venice from Spain, and is not taking anything from anyone, if that facial expression is to be believed!

Armed (quite literally) with burning flame, she is an excellent addition to your gang. And as a Gifted, she can join any gang with the Ducats to pay her! Zovena Vela plays an important role in the upcoming Blood on the Water campaign book (being written right now), and we’re going to find out even more about this teenage terror in the coming weeks and months as her story starts being told.

Zovena Vela is an £8 addition to your gangs.


Phew! Is that enough cool stuff to order this week? Who’s getting what? Who’s getting one of each? I’ve already painted some, but I think I’ll be painting another one of each for my own collection!

You can order all of these exclusives on the TTCombat webstore right now. They’ll be online for 2 weeks, then they’ll be gone into the mists again, so make sure to get your order in!

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