Seneca Detonator

Sounds pretty ominous, doesn’t it?

We’ve seen the UCM, Scourge, PHR, and Shaltari’s offerings for the new Lighters (on the webstore later today!), and now it’s the Resistance’s turn!

This is a pretty exciting release for us, as it’s the first time (and not the last) that the Resistance are getting a simultaneous release with the rest of the factions! The fleet is still missing a couple of classes (Monitors & Destroyers come to mind) which I’m sure we’ll see for them at some point, but for now, let’s find out a little more about this chunky boi.

Resistance Seneca Detonator

We know that it explodes (the clue is in the name), but what else? I’m going to hand it over to Dave to talk about designing the Seneca Detonator.

Improvised explosives have been a part of asymmetric warfare since mankind first discovered how to make things go boom. It’s basic technology that can turn the innocuous into a weapon – something any hard pressed Resistance commander would surely do! Remote operated fire ships were already in the rules for the Resistance fleet – previously limited to ships that can carry bulk landers – it made total sense for the faction, was fun thematically and gave a twist to Resistance ‘meat crates’.

I’d wanted to bring overtly civilian ships into the Resistance fleet, something which fits thematically while enriching the universe – what does a cargo hauler look like exactly? Well, it looks like… a cargo hauler! We’ve all seen container ships, and row upon row of blocks screams ‘cargo’. Still, I wanted something more technological and visually modular, so settled on a regimented row of mechanical armatures, clasping their blocky cargo, which could open up or detach, moving to a docking port (or target!) under its own power  – as a result, the miniature is twice the weight of all the other lighters, though it’s no longer. The prow was intended to tie the ship in with the rest of the fleet, which it clearly stands out by way of ‘brickishness’.

Thanks Dave! The iconic Resistance style prow really helps to tie it in with the others in the fleet. Between that and the bridge on top, it should also fit perfectly in with a Kalium fleet too.

The Rules

Enough design talk! Let’s rules talk! The modular look of the Seneca’s cargo bay lends itself very well to launching things, but unlike its larger brothers and sisters, there aren’t any people inside here!

The Seneca is the most heavily armoured of the Lighters, with a great 4+ save. What more would you expect from super bulky over the top pre-war designs?

The Seneca can launch 3 Fire Ships a turn (each!) which means a nice amount of launch damage on your opponent, especially considering how survivable these little ships are. Fire Ships don’t count towards your Launch cap either, so take as many of these as you like!

The Seneca also explodes a lot for a ship of its size, but as usual, I’m not giving everything away yet! 😉

The Seneca and all the other Lighters are going up on the webstore for pre-order later today, and you know we’ll be back with another post then to let you all know!

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