COVID-19 Update Updated!

Sadder news again!

Hi everyone. Unfortunately after the Prime Minister’s announcement late last night, we’ve been forced to close the TTCombat warehouse a day earlier than expect.

The remaining team are working super hard today to get any outstanding orders out of the warehouse, including as many Stellaris Kickstarter pledges as possible.

Between rushing the orders through and trying to close everything down it’s a busy time! Still, better to be safe at home than risking the health of colleagues, friends, and family (and in the TTCombat offices sometimes it’s all three at once!).

Unfortunately this means that we cannot guarantee any outstanding orders will reach you. It’s as frustrating for us as for everyone, particularly as we all want toys to assemble and paint during the quarantine! It’s the sad side effect of the changing situation and immediate changes to working conditions on a daily basis.

This also means that we’re sad to say that we won’t be able to carry on with our planned Adepticon sales, although we’re hoping to be able to bring you something similar when the warehouse opens up again.

Sorry again to anyone waiting on outstanding orders – we’re really inundated with orders and emails at the moment and will work as hard as possible today to get everything done before closing up. Thanks to everyone for your patience and the outpouring of kind words and support already from the community. Not to worry – we’ll be back as soon as possible with more Dropzone, Dropfleet, RUMBLESLAM, Carnevale, Tabletop Scenics, Secret Weapon bases, Stellaris, rules, minis, game mats (what?), 2-player boxes, exclusives, expansions, resin scenery and more! Phew!

3 Replies to “COVID-19 Update Updated!”

  1. Stay safe!
    The Austin Tx DZC player are with you all. We can’t wait till we can make more orders. Keep Calm & Bring Grenades.

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