Dropzone Commander Restocks Wave 7

It’s Wave 7 for the Dropzone Commander Restocks so let’s take a look at what has had new moulds made and now available in our shop permanently and see what’s new in the Dropzone Commander range.

We have 4 kits restocked this wave with 2 new units. So without further introduction, let’s take a look at what we have.

UCM Kodiak / Panda

The Kodiak is a very popular UCM Command Choice, and now has an alternate sculpt too with the launch of the new Panda Tactical Support Vehicle.

The Kodiak is a very popular choice among the more steady and reliable UCM Commanders. Staying at the rear of engagements and using it’s advanced telecommunications array to direct the course of battle. The Kodiak is a great defensive vehicle able to call down orbital strikes from the ships in orbit. The Kodiak is so popular that it is very rare for anything other than the fastest of lightning raids to not include a Kodiak to direct the UCM forces in battle.

The Panda Tactical Support Vehicle is very new to the Reconquest forces and has only recently started seeing general deployment. A very welcome boost to the UCM forces, the Panda is an APC which takes a trailer carrying a Scan Booster Unit. This unit improves the scanning caapbilities of friendly units and therefore assists with finding key intel and with targetting enemy units and their weak points.

This kit comes with parts to make either a Kodiak Command Vehicle or a Panda Tactical Support Vehicle. And is in the store for £18.

Scourge Overseer / Desolator

The Desolator and Overseer both represent two very different Command choices for the Scourge. Both are feared sights by the forces of the Reconquest as with them comes death, or worse, capture.

The Overseer is a dominating sight in the air over the battlefield. It’s very alien shape causing panic amongst the troops on the ground. But it’s not it’s shape and weird flight movement that unnerves experienced troops. The strange alien structure under the Overseer crackles with energy, boosting the already terrifying weapons of the foul scourse to ridiculous levels. All the while sparks of energy strike at nearby aircraft, bringing them down in fiery deaths for their crew.

The Desolator is a less support Command choice and instead leaves a wake of destruction in it’s path. Weird eldritch energy crackles around the legs dragging below the alien body. This energy hits all targets, friendly and enemy within range, causing massive damage to whatever is it. Sometimes the charge seems to be focussed on a particular squad or building, at which point whatever is hit is usually reduced to ash and molten metal.

This kit has parts to make either an Overseer or a Desolator and is avaialble now for £18.

PHR Mercury Scout Drones

The Mercury Scout Drone is a small, unmanned scout vehicle for the PHR battle forces. Able to scout far ahead of the PHR Forces with no risk to personnel. The Mercury Scout Drones assist with targetting enemy forces and scanning for key intel and objectives. Quite often the first warning of a PHR attack is the sight of Scout Drones ranging ahead of the main battleforce.

This kit comes with 4 Mercury Scout Drones to add the only aircraft based scanning unit in the game to your PHR force. For only £10.

Shaltari Puma / Tegu

The last kit this week is for the Shaltari and that is the Puma Command Walker and the new Tegu Support Walker.

The Puma is a favoured choice amongst the eldest of Shaltari Commanders. Showing off their battlefield prowess by taking to battle in a vehicle with a large identifying mark around it’s head, these Commanders are able to predict the ebb and flow of battle with unnering accuracy. Armed with a Sonic Cannon, using sound waves to blast apart walls and armour, the huge sound itself causing death to infantry caught in it’s wave. With 2 Gauss Cannons to punch through armour, the Puma is no easy feat to take on for any force.

The Tegu has only recently be seen on the battlefields of the Reconquest. This is unusual in itself, however whether it’s technology recently discovered or used more exclusively by the tribes recently engaging Reconquest forces is yet to be known. The Tegu keeps the Pumas Sonic Cannon and replaces the Gauss Cannons with an auxiliary Gate system. This gives a dangerous and well protected platform for reinforcements in tough engagements.

This kit comes with parts to make either a Puma Command Walker or a Tegu Support Walker. And is yours for £12.

All these kits are now available on the webstore. Stats for the new units will be available tomorrow morning and more information on them will be posted here on TTCommunity tomorrow!

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