New Releases – DZC v2.1!

It’s new release day in Dropzone land!

We’ve been chatting about it all week, and now the new Dropzone small format rulebook is here!

Our very first release today is of course the brand new Dropzone Commander Rulebook.

This book contains the V2.1 rules in their entirety, as well as some background story information for those jumping into the universe for the first time.

With dozens of small tweaks to the rules in Battle for Earth, this new and small version of the rulebook has been written with gamers at its heart. We used feedback from all over the community to make a solid and easy-to-learn version of the game. At 64 pages it’s not going to break your back either, making it perfect for taking to games and introducing new players.

At just £10 this new book is a bargain!

With a new rulebook is a new Dropzone Commander 2-Player Starter Box!

This set has loads of stuff in a small box! 2 opposing armies of UCM and Scourge fight it out. You get a force of plastic miniatures as well as resin commanders and transports.

The box also contains an acrylic blast marker and range ruler, as well as dice and quick reference cards. Oh and of course the full new rulebook!

This massive set is enough for 2 people to get playing the game, and at £45 it’s an extremely affordable way to enter the game. For comparison’s sake, a single starter army is £35, £10 for the extra Commander, another £10 for the rulebook, and that’s not even counting the dice, cards, and extras!

The only thing missing in the 2-Player Starter Box is scenery, and we’ve got a couple of awesome bundles for you!

A Cityscape box contains a full 6’x4′ gaming board. With 24 one-foot tiles and 20 card buildings designed to look like a pristine UCM city, the box is already great value at £30 retail.

However, if you buy it with the new 2-Player Starter Box, it’s only £10! That means you get an entire board, 2 armies, a rulebook and extras for only £55!

If you like your warzones a little more rugged, then this bundle with the Ruinscape will be more up your street (and there are a lot of streets).

These tiles and buildings are designed to look like a UCM city that’s been abandoned for 150 years (lousy mankind running off and leaving everyone else behind. That’s the Resistance player in me talking). Both the Ruinscape and Cityscape have double-sided tiles, so you have literally thousands of ways of buildings your board.

Again, buy them together and the set is £55.

Our final release today has been waiting for the right time to come out. It’s the Flood Defence Section.

If you’re looking to upgrade your card tiles to a full board, we have a whole board for you to use!

The Flood Defence Section adds to that board, offering a split level design that you could easily fill with rubble or even water effects to create a beautiful gaming space! Or – both! Then it looks pretty and dirty at the same time.

The Flood Defence Section is a 1’x1′ board tile, and comes in at £7.


That’s all our new releases today, although I think you’ll agree that it’s a pretty amazing week for Dropzone Commander players!

These are on pre-order now, so get your orders in so we can ship them out in time for release next Friday. These kits and the book are bound to be popular, so order quick to get yours as fast as possible! Head over to the TTCombat webstore now to get yours and have a look at our ever-expanding range of Dropzone Commander kits.

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