Raul’s RUMBLESLAM Motivation!

This weeks Monday Motivation is brought to you by Mana Mania Muscle Maker and as you can see, Vitamir approves!

So this week, I have had the unusual pleasure of looking through our inbox for some painted TTCombat products.

I looked through a few before coming to Raul Galan Martinez and what he has been working on recently, I must say I am impressed.

First up is the Lord of Anarchy, I particularly like the detail on his sunglasses, not sure why he’d be wearing them indoors but you don’t question someone this bad-ass.

We have Wukong here from the dragonbrawlers. I appreciate the special attention given to the gold on his boots, very fashionable.

Here’s Phage, I really like the lilac hair colour. It’s a pretty cool colour scheme that I have not seen done before.

This is what Vitamir looks like when he isn’t playing the Fonz in my thumbnail art. Big fan of the detail put into the chest hair and beard, not an easy task.

Here is the rest of Raul’s cabinet of miniatures. I like the paint job on the Dark Elf Brawler & Grappler. That’s going to be a great looking team to see in the ring! (Honourable mention to the sneaky little chuck photobomb).

Last but by no means least is the Runic thunder. These four have taken their Golem out for a walk to the shops by the looks of things. They look pretty angry so they must have been ID’d when they tried to buy some ale.

That’s it for this week, if you’re looking for more RUMBLESLAM miniatures then check out the store page.

Keep an eye out on the community page for more news on RUMBLESLAM releases.

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