New Releases – Elven Scenery

It’s time for new releases and this week we take a trip to the elven lands.

With six new kits out this week is a great week for all of you elf players. With castles, pagodas, and even boats, you’ll be able to make a veritable city of the most luxurious elven designs. Not to mention this weekend sees our event exclusives available for a short time.

Lands of the Elves

To start off, we have the Elven Pavilion. A wonderful place to contemplate existence, or maybe just sit down and read a poem for a decade or two. This domed kit makes for great decoration, just don’t expect to see it host a Relentless Dosh concert any time soon.

At £8 it’s a lot cheaper than an elven concert and a lot more bearable.

What would a pavilion be without a pagoda? Don’t worry, we’ll wait for the answer, we have plenty of time. The Elven Pagoda is a perfect place to gaze out upon the forest, you’ll have a difficult time not being enchanted by its exquisite architecture.

The price for all this finery – £10.

Every elf needs to take a long vacation every now and again. With the Elven Docks they too can take a lengthy cruise to colourful lands far, far away. This is probably our fanciest boat so far and isn’t even everything in the kit! You’ll get a pair of the finest elven canoes as well as a dock for them to moor up to.

The best of elven boat building costs a mere £20.

Every elven city needs a few bridges to saunter over and our Elven Bridge is perfect. Lots and lots of fine trellis work gives a great framework to grow all the kinds of vines elves like. The bridge part works great at keeping feet dry, and ridiculously flowy robes out of water.

Cross large streams and small rivers in elegance for no more than £7.

Now you two can lord it up and keep all your extravagant jewellery safe in completely solid walls*. The Elven Castle kit is entirely modular and only gets better the bigger it gets. With enough of these you could create some really labyrinthine fortresses, or keep it small for more personal encounters. The central keep houses a pagoda with a basin you could use for scrying, or purification rituals, or just a bird bath.

Top tier elven modularity comes in at a total of £20.

Woodbine Glen

If those kits take your fancy then this kit may be the best way of getting a whole boatload of fancy elven scenery on your boards. The Elven Woodbine Glen is a collection of the previous kits at a small saving. This will be enough to cover most of a standard gaming table, or all of a smaller skirmish games board.

Woodbine Glen can help fill out a board for £60.

To finish off our elven releases we have the Elven City Gateway. This kit is another modular offering, more of them can be used to make a sprawling elven city. With plenty of modular parts (including a pair of towers) there’s no end to the combinations this kit offers.

£24 gets you the most contemplative gateway you’ll ever own.

Event Exclusives

Now available for a limited time, our event exclusives are up on our store. If you’ve been looking to get hold of a Pungari Thresher for Dropfleet Commander, or one of the Classic Raadru Rashaar for Carnevale pop on over and take a look.

If you’re at either Beachead or Warcon this weekend pop over and say hello. We have demos at both shows as well as a selection of stock (and exclusives) for sale as well.

If you’re looking to start a new elven scenery project or pick up some exclusives, head over to our store!

*Not counting all the tiny cutouts.

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