Quick Build Streets of Venice – 2 x 2 Modular Venice

This week we have more modular builds for you!

This week Lewis has built some 2 x 2 boards using our Streets of Venice range and the builds contain both modular and non modular scenery.

You can find them all in the webstore here!

If you enjoyed this video and have some ideas, don’t forget to let us know!

5 Replies to “Quick Build Streets of Venice – 2 x 2 Modular Venice”

    1. Absolutely!

      The street tiles used the Venetian Block Streets set, as well as some Raised Streets sections, Canal Street Stairs and Wooden Jetties. There’s also a Pietra Bridge and one of the Stretto Bridges.

      The Modular buildings used were (and forgive me for not using the full long names!):
      Alessandra, Daniela, Felicita, Jacomina, Barbara, Gratiosa, Hortensa, Maria, and Mercante Gondola.

      There you go! 🙂

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