Dropfleet Commander Battle for Earth FAQ & Errata

We’re happy to announce the FAQ & Errata for Dropfleet Commander is now complete and ready to be used.

Earlier this week we announced the release of the FAQ & Errata, it is finally ready to be released into the wild for you all to use in your games of Dropfleet Commander.

Community Errata

Anyone with an eye on the Dropfleet Community will see some very familiar things in here! We’ve seen the great effect the Community Errata has had on the game, and have chatted to its creators for a long time about what changes they made and we really love lots of them! We are big fans of that and we really, really appreciate the great efforts the people involved in that have made.

There are also some things in the Community Errata that didn’t make it through to the official one. Things like changes to Ground Combat scoring work very well, but are quite a large departure from your Dropfleet Rulebook, and we don’t want that to gather dust! Still, all of the ideas brought to us from the Community Errata and other members of the Dropfleet community at large are great, and we’ve filed many of them away for *ahem* future use.

Does this mean the end for the Community Errata? Certainly not. We encourage any players who want to play an edition geared far more towards experienced and competitive players to give it a go.  It’s been written by some of the real expert players of the game and is worth a look.

So What Is In It?

Well, you’ll find a few key changes to rules from the Dropfleet rulebook, including issues flagged up long ago, and some newer things.

We’ve made some updates to Torpedoes to make them a bit more useful, and a re-write to the Air-to-Air rule which makes more sense now hopefully!

There’s also a section specifically for Battle for Earth, with a couple of Traffic Jameses edited out (bye bye Escort, we barely knew you), and clarifications to other rules too.

After the Errata section you’ll find the FAQs. This is an exhaustive list of answers to questions from the past several years of Dropfleet gaming, as well as new ones to help with BFE too.

A lot of these questions are answered in the way that we feel best works in games, and makes for a balanced experience.

I Thought X Worked Differently! NOOOO

Don’t worry! The FAQ & Errata is a living document. We’re taking feedback from players all the time. We’ve written and tested our answers, but we welcome more comments from everyone. If you like something, let us know! If you don’t like something, we want to know that too! If you have suggestions for changes or extra questions, please get in touch. We love to chat all things Dropfleet, and want to keep working to make this the best game we can.

What About Ships?

All ship stats can be found in our brand new Fleet Builder.

Ship stats from both the Dropfleet Rulebook and Battle for Earth are still perfectly playable, but the online builder will be updated periodically to bring better balance to all forces. Keep an eye out and we’ll have more information and changes to the builder as time goes on.

So without further ado:

Dropfleet Commander Battle for Earth FAQ & Errata.

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  1. R.I.P. my BattleScribe files. I don’t have the time to go through every ship in the fleet builder to find out what has changed 🙁

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