Teaser Tuesday – Bunker and BIG Guns!

It’s Teaser Tuesday, and there are big guns firing!

This week we’re releasing some SCI FI Gothic MDF buildings!

There’s a wide range of buildings coming up that can affect how a board plays  in multiple ways.

Right lets get into it.

Mecharium Crane

The Mecharium  Crane adds a lot of height to your board, giving you a perfect vantage point for your snipers. You can situate your sniper teams at the very top of the crane, whilst also having other units further down the crane. Not only that but there is built in line of sight blocking.

Another really impressive feature of this kit, is that the entire top platform rotates allowing you to position it exactly how you want it. Yet another feature of this kit is the arm extends and retracts.

Damaged Bunker Sections

Next up, I thought we’d bring it back down to the ground with these Damaged bunker sections, this kit connects with the existing bunker kits.

These add a nice transition onto the board allowing you to fade in a ruined portion of board, these also add some line of sight blocking for the board.

Mecharium Decimator Cannon

Next up we’ve gone big, real big.

This cannon is a fantastic centre piece and will certainly get attention of other players, it connects with the existing bunker sections as well as with the previous ruined bunker.

It has some blended in ladders that allow you to climb up the cannon and get a higher vantage point of the battlefield.

Fortified Gun Battery

Now I was not sure if we could get bigger but we’ve only gone and done it.

This Fortified Gun battery has everything you could possibly want in a command building. Here are some of the features you get within this kit. Rotating Satellite ( Much like previous kits the Satellite rotates a full 360 degrees. The Triple gun battery. ( rotates a full 360 degrees. As well as this all three of the gun barrels move vertically.)

Strong theme going on, this fortified gun battery connects with the above kits.  Not only this but the other kits within the SCI FI Gothic range. You can play inside the kit as well as on the roof of the kit, allowing for battles to be waging on all levels.

All these Kits will be out this Friday, so check back then for even more information.

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  1. These look like fantastic additions to the Bunker range.
    Really tempted to add some of these to my collection (after I’ve finished what’s currently on the bench!

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