New Releases – Pipe Down!

We’re lifting the veil on another new Industrial Sector!

Alright, it’s not so much a veil as a window since we already teased a bunch of things on Tuesday, but it’s still an exciting time!

A few weeks ago we released the Sector Nihilus – a brand new type of scenery for the Industrial Hive. Today we’re releasing five kits for the brand new Sector 4!

Sector 4 looks very similar to a lot of the Industrial Hive range, and – as with every other set in the range – is completely modular and compatible with every other kit in the Industrial Hive. Sector 4 however also adds in a pipe network, which can be used to connect all the kits together.

Our first set today is of course the Sector 4 – Pipelines.

This kit is ridiculously modular, containing 14 individual pipe sections, 6 small pipe sections, and a bunch of blocks and connectors to make loads of different combinations.

This set is a cornerstone of Sector 4, allowing you to connect every kit in it together.

I can’t emphasise enough how many combinations you can make with this set, and the individual bits don’t need gluing, meaning you can shift your pipes around for every game. A single storey pipe network provides excellent body cover, and double (or triple) high pipes block line of sight through. Add to that the little walkways on top and you have various heights of pipe that can be used for all your gaming needs.

And for only £18 it’s a ridiculous value set. You can make 1.75m of pipe with one set – get two and you’ve basically covered an entire board!

Our next kit (the one in the thumbnail) I think is my favourite this week. The Sector 4 – Mega Turbine!

This massive kit is an awesome start to a Sector 4 board. It takes up a load of space on your table and has two modular staircases which can be used as they are or removed and replaced with any other bits from the Industrial Hive range.

Oh and of course it has two places to connect your Pipelines! For £14 I don’t think you’ll find a better MDF turbine anywhere else! I know that’s a niche market, but this thing just looks awesome.

We saw the Sector 4 – Pybus Pipe Hub (so sci-fi sounding) on Tuesday, and now it’s out! This neat little kit only comes in at £6, and has 10 places to connect your pipes!

Thanks to some great little widgets everything on the Pipe Hub is the perfect height for all your pipe needs, meaning you can simply connect them all together nice a neat.

The Sector 4 – Storage Tanks are another small and simple kit, coming in at only £6.

This one has four places to connect your pipes, approximately 1 small pipe height distance between (so you can stack them up – are you seeing a pattern here?).

The set also has a bunch of locators for the standard Industrial Hive clips, meaning you can attach walkways, hubs, and even other buildings to this set with complete ease! Kits like this allow you to combine all your Industrial Hive sectors together to make a packed table.

Our final set today is the biggest one yet!

The Sector 4 – Power Station is possibly one of the biggest kits in the whole Industrial Hive range actually. This set has so much detail it’s basically half a gaming board in itself. From the control room to the large gantry (which of course connects to any other Industrial Hive kit – simply swap out the little barriers for walkways) there are loads of places for models.

That’s not all though! You can dart behind the large generators or even go inside! The interior is detailed and fully accessible – simply take the generators off the top (leaving the gantry way still fully playable) to get into the building.

This massive kit has two pipe connectors too, so you can really go to town! For £26 this is a great centrepiece for your games.


Those are all the new kits, but what do they look like together? I’m glad you asked!

We’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with this super modular new sector. I’ve even been putting together a little diorama which is almost complete!

If you’re a big fan of great pipes, massive power stations, or ridiculous modularity in your industrial kits, head over to the TTCombat webstore and pick yours up now! Anything ordered over the weekend is cut and shipped out at the start of next week, so you’ll have your hands on this new sector in no time!

And if that wasn’t enough reason to get shopping, we also have all of our Event Exclusives on sale this weekend to celebrate Crisis in Antwerp! We’ll be there all weekend, but if you can’t make it, you can get your Pungari Threshers, Plague Doctresses, or even miniature Laser Cutters (yes we really do make those) on the webstore all weekend.

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