Teaser Tuesday – The Pipest Pipes

It’s Teaser Tuesday time again! And we have some Industrial Hive this week – check it out.

We’re diving back down into the Industrial Hive this Friday, with five incredible new MDF kits.

Not only are there five of them, but they’re all modular! The same as the rest of the Industrial Hive range, they are able to join together to make gantry ways, tunnels, and corridors in all shapes and sizes.

But not just that! The new kits this week are all modular with each other in a brand new way! Explain myself? Well, pictures say a thousand words, so lets start with the core of our weekly releases, the Industrial Sector Piplines.

This set builds the foundation of this new modularity, with loads and loads of pipes. The pipes join together in loads of different ways, using half and full size pipes, joining blocks that stack, and all sorts of other things.

Here are a few ways you can build the pipes!

Also this week we’ll have four other kits. Two really big ones which we’ll show on Friday, and some joining kits, like the Industrial Storage Tanks.

There’s also the Pipe Hub, which is named in the office as the Pipest Pipe Building, since it can hold so many pipes!

These kits – and the two others (they’re a big deal) will be out on Friday, so stop  back then for ALL the information!

One Reply to “Teaser Tuesday – The Pipest Pipes”

  1. Really ‘pumped’ for these.
    Can’t wait to see what’s in the pipeline for Friday!*

    *My God that was tenuous….

    Seriously though, really looking forward to these and getting some more Sector 3 stuff.

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