Teaser Tuesday – Fishmen and the Rabble

That’s a good band name!

This week we have another wave of Carnevale releases for you all!

We’ve got two new boxes coming out with some brand new miniatures (and even a new character type), as well as a new blister pack, which we’re keeping secret!

We’re going to show you the two new boxes though!

First of all we’ve got the Unholy Mutations set for the Rashaar.

This box is an especially great way to expand your gang, as every character in this one is a Henchman! That means you can add a Leader and up to five Heroes and you still have a legal list! :O

The set has two Hybrids – a lady with gills and webbed fingers, and an ex-gondolier. He doesn’t need to row anywhere these days! A new pose Lesser Ugdru is there to provide some heavy hitting, dashing towards its foes. Finally two much-anticipated characters for Rashaar players: the Advanced Hybrids. These lithe looking monster people have evolved in a weird way, becoming very dexterous and excellent building climbers.

The Rabble Rousers box for the Guild showcases what is great about this faction: lots of people with special skills!

This set has a single Citizen to add to your collection of them (if you have the 2-Player Starter Box you probably have a few already). He’s made all that much better by the two Recruiters in the set. These characters add extra Attack value to all Citizens in range, making them extremely formidable support characters. They also have little crossbows, meaning they don’t have to get too close.

Speaking of crossbows, look at that new character! We’ve seen the Arbalest a few times here on TTCommunity, and the final model does not disappoint. Providing some accurate and useful long-ranged support fire for the Guild, she’s a must-take for anyone wanting to attack from a safe distance.

Finally the Gondolier is incredibly useful, especially when on a Gondola! He is a very fast sculler (it’s what people rowing gondolas are called), and his bladed oar has great range, damage, and armour penetration. All round a great character.


These two boxes will be available to pre-order this Friday. Stop back soon though, as we’ll have more information on them throughout the week, with some tactics articles coming your way, and a look at new rules for the Arbalest too.

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