Dropzone Commander FAQ & Errata

It’s finally time to give you the Errata and FAQ for the Dropzone Commander part of Battle for Earth.

Hi everyone, Battle for Earth has been out a while now and we’ve had plenty of time to get community feedback and see what we needed to take a look at in the Rules.

As always with such a big change to a game there were some rules that needed clarifying and of course some Traffic James’s found in the book, so we’ve been able to correct them with this document.

The Document can be found here: Dropzone Commander BfE Errata & FAQ

As always please give us any feedback and we hope this helps to answer any questions you’ve had about the rules.

We’ve also done our first unit re-balance today. The details can be found here: Dropzone Commander units 2.1

As well as all that, we’ve also redesigned the Army list builder with feedback from the community. As always, please give us your feedback for this to make it the best tool we can for you to use.

Your old army codes sadly do not work with the new builder, so you will have to remake any armies you had saved, this will not be normal practice for future balance passes, but is needed with this update.


2 Replies to “Dropzone Commander FAQ & Errata”

  1. This is all well and good, but what about an errata for the Dropfleet content? Specifically:
    – Why are the attack and damage stats reversed for all the torpedoes in the book? For a torpedo to have six attack dice which do one damage each does not gel at all with the torpedo rules in the main rule book.
    – Is the Gladiator really supposed to have the only vent cannon without the OC rule? This looks like simple omission to me.
    – Why is the way ablative armour is noted inconsistant between the heavy frigate and every other ship that has it built in? The
    The battleships and cruisers have their armour save noted as 2+ (which is then reduced to 4+ one crippled) whilst the heavy frigate has it noted as 5+ (which we need to make up to +3 until the ship is crippled). I can deduce what this is supposed to mean but there is no need for inconsistancy within the same fleet list.
    – And finally, what the hell is the escort rule supposed to do? Two of the Monitors have it as a keyword but there is no explanation of the rule in either BfE or the DfC main rule book.

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