New Releases – Modular Venice

It’s Friday, so it’s new release time! Yay!

It’s a bumper week this week, as not only are the Carnevale pre-orders now available for retail, but we also have some supporting kits in the way of a Modular Venice!

So what’s this all about?

For those that missed our preview on Teaser Tuesday (we do them every Tuesday – it’s the first chance to see what’s coming out that week), it’s a set of modular Venetian buildings designed to be used together to make the winding streets of Venice!

Let’s have a look at what’s out today.

First of all there’s Modular Villetta Alessandra.

This little kit is a pretty good starting off point for the range. It’s a single block wide, deep, and tall. A little square building block that can clip together with any of the other kits in the range.

You’ll find that a lot the modular buildings are fairly small, which means you can put them all together to make something much larger.

You’ll also find that it’s really easy and affordable to do so! This little building is only £4!

Next up is the Modular Villetta Arcata Daniela.

The Arcata is – as the name suggests – an archway! It’s got an enclosed top, but the bottom is open on all four sides. On its own it’s a nice little piece, but when put up next to other buildings it can create a cool entrance way or even an enclosed passage. Perfect for games of Carnevale – you Vatican players who don’t like being on the rooftops are going to want a lot of these arches!

And for only £6, that’s not too big of a stretch!

Next is the Modular Casa Elena. This is the first of our double wide buildings. While the Alessandra is a single block, this one is a 2×1. But that doesn’t make it any less modular! Each of the kits in the range is built around a tight grid structure, meaning that you can clip any number of things together to build a bigger group of buildings.

This one has a long sloped roof, which – like all the other kits in the Streets of Venice range – is at a shallow enough angle that your miniatures are in no worry of sliding off; a good thing for the Capo there!

Casa Elena – while twice as big as Alessandra – only comes in at £5!

Modular Casa Triplicare Jacomina (that’s a mouthful) is next. This one extends not just sideways, but upwards too! Upwards a long way!

This beast of a building has three storeys, and a chimney breast running the entire height. At 8″ high it’s going to be a bit of a mission for most Carnevale characters to climb in one go, but if you combine it with some of the smaller buildings, it’ll make getting to those heights very easy, even for Rashaar players!

The Jacomina comes in at £9, which is pretty much a bargain considering it’s 6 times the size of the smallest one!

Our final new kit today is the Modular Casa Doppia Felicita. This one combines all of the best bits of the other four!

It’s a double wide two storey building, with a great little archway at the front. Underneath there you can just about make out the door!

This one is a really handy kit, offering both an elevated rooftop and a ground level walkway. Carnevale is all about the setting, and being able to block off areas of the board and create narrow passageways is all part of the fun.

This cool building is available now for just £8!

For those keeping a running total, that’s £32 for all five of these buildings, which when put altogether look a little like this:

So you can see how easy it is to make grouped up buildings with tight confines, the likes of which are all over Venice!

This little setup has a good amount of roof space (you can imagine a fight going on as the characters climb up three levels) and also a covered walkway using the arches. It looks very cramped in the middle there, which is not a good place to be caught by a monster!

This setup has a bit more open space, and you can see just how mobile the scenery can be, making steps that go all the way up to the top floor.

This setup – although without the Elena – is a bit more open. You don’t just have to make big blocks of buildings, you can link them together as a sort of wall to block off certain areas. In this one the edges are pretty dense, so the best way is through the arches at the centre. Although that means it’s a great chokehold to catch your opponents!

Rows of buildings like this could easily sit along the edge of a canal, making the board feel even more theatrical as your gang swims desperately through the water trying to find somewhere to climb out.


All five of these kits are available right now in the TTCombat webstore. And this is just the start! We have loads of new modular Venetian buildings on the way, so keep an eye out for those to expand your board. And because they’re modular, you can always get these ones put together and painted and then keep expanding your collection when new ones come out!

If you order over the weekend we’ll get these shipped out to you at the start of next week, so your Venetian board can be up and running in no time.

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