New Releases – Carnevale Returns!

This little puppet went to Venice…

It’s Carnevale pre-order day, and we have four new kits for you to take a look at!

First of all, the Foreign Delegates box is available for the Patricians.

With three Hero choices and two Henchmen, it’s a great addition to any Patricians gang. All the characters in this set are frankly better than most other of their type (Patricians, eh?) so this is a very powerful addition to your games!

There are two Merchants (on the right in blue), who on their own aren’t the most fighty individuals, but become a lot more useful with a few other Henchmen around them thanks to their Command Points (on a Henchman, yes!) and Command Ability There’s Coin In It For You! which gives all Henchmen First Strike (1).

The set also has two Foreign Nobles (in the centre in red) who with a high Attack and Dexterity will give even other Leaders a run for their money! Their sabres have -1 Evasion too, which means they’re likely to hit with all of their 5 Attacks (and they can buff that up with their Command Ability too). Also, that English Noble is taking brandy to the battle, and that is everything.

Finally we have a Venetian Spy, who brandishes a Long Rifle. While her stat line isn’t very exciting (4s all round), her Expert Marksman (2) with a 12″ range rifle that has -1 Evasion, +1 Damage, and -2 Penetration really is exciting! If that weren’t enough, Infiltration means she can start the game at rooftop height, so can start taking shots from a great vantage point straight away.

Assisting the Patricians this month we have Sun & Moon.

These two are real powerhouses in their own right, and become even more powerful when taken together (say goodbye to failing Fear rolls). They’re both Unique characters, so you can only have one of each – which is good for Patricians’ enemies!

Sun is an excellent character for getting where you need him. With high Movement and Dexterity, he’s already good, but throw in Acrobatic (3) and he’ll be leaping around the table like nobody’s business! His Blinding Flash attack is a brilliant long range weapon, keeping him out of harm’s way while he launches -2 Penetrating Stunning attacks at his opponents! With Expert Marksman (3), you can guarantee that at least some (if not most) of his 5 Attacks will hit. Is 5 not enough for you? Well, luckily enough he has 7 Will Points too! WOW.

Moon is less of a brawler, but brings her own goodness to the battle. She is equally quick with Movement 7 and Flight as well. While she isn’t the toughest character, Universal Shielding (3) does the job as she phases in and out of the world. She’s a decent Mage at level 2 with access to Fateweaving and Blood Rites, so while her magic isn’t going to dominate the likes of the Doctors or Rashaar, she’s one of the only Patricians characters with access to it. Personally I like to load her up with Blessing of the Sky and Curse of the Rent for some excellent buff and debuffing.

Moving away from Patricians and to San Servolo next for this Doctors boxed set. The Monstrous Menagerie is a fantastic follow up to the popular Beast Tamers boxed set, bringing some more excellent characters to this Doctors sub-faction.

The set contains a new Doctor of the Beasts, equipped with a scary Shock Staff, capable of stunning even the biggest beast (if not outright killing it thanks to his Hunter special rule). He’s an okay Mage too, able to take a spell from the Runes of Sovereignty, of which there are seriously just a tonne of useful things.

The Rhino is insanely good, and has an amazing paintjob by Fin. Those glowy bits really look like they’re glowing! Although it’s easy to hit due to its low Dexterity and lack of cover (if you can’t hit a Rhino, there’s something wrong with you), it has a really high Protection and a massive 20 Life Points! On a Henchman class! Its Attack value isn’t all that great, but with First Strike (3) – yes 3 – it can tear straight through a lesser character on the charge!

The Crocodile isn’t quite as tough, although still puts up a good fight with 16 Life Points, but its real strength is domination of the canals. With a 6″ swim move it can clear a foot a turn (before Command Points). That’s a long way to go for something with 5 Attacks and -3 Penetration! That’s enough to dissuade all but the most hardened Rashaar to avoid the water!

And of course we finish with the Master of Zoology. The biggest thing here is that the Doctors have a Leader that can actually fight! She’s extremely tough (particularly for a Doctor), with her massive shield protecting her, and the technology wired into her backpack protecting all her allies too. With an Electrified Mace she’s a fierce foe. Plus, she completes the beasts sub-faction, as now you can have an entire gang of beasts and beast tamers!

Finally today we have the smallest Gifted in the game. Burratino is here to cut your heart out. His “master” Divuorafuoco follows him around, bound to the puppet with invisible strings, forced to watch the demonic maquette’s horrific acts. Nice!

Burratino is a Gifted character, which means he can be used in the Gifted faction, but also in any other faction too. If you want a little puppet to slice and dice, look no further!

While he will fall quickly in a protracted battle, Burratino excels at picking of enemies one-on-one, often before they get a chance to hit back. With Expert Offence (3) and Engage (3) he will be hitting a lot of times, and because he’s so small, he counts everyone as bigger than him for his Hunter special rule as he climbs up on opponents and stabs away with his Carving Knife! And if that weren’t enough, if you do manage to hurt him, his Vampiric Attack (2) will keep him alive long after he should be a pile of twigs!


All of these kits are available for pre-order now, and will be shipped out at the end of next week. We’ve got more information and background on all of these coming in the next week too, so stop back here for all the Carnevale news!

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