The Master of Zoology

Who is this mysterious doctor? Let’s find out!

A brand new character is rearing her head this week in the world of Carnevale, so why don’t we find out a bit about her?

The Master of Zoology is her name, and she’s a new Leader choice for Doctors gangs. Armed with the lethal looking mace and a massive slab shield, she’s obviously no stranger to battle!

Study in the Ospedale

While you may consider a doctor someone who heals the sick, the Doctors of the Ospedale specialise in many varied practises.

The Ospedale did indeed start life in 1753 as a hospital to house and treat the sick, particularly those with a malady of the mind. Indeed, its full title is the Ospedale San Servolo Dei Malati di Mente. Before long it became a hive of activity, with research into all sorts of illnesses. Doctors started setting up clinics in Venice itself to help the sick and injured, and the Plague Doctors – once the symbol of death and disease – became a welcome sight along the canals.

However, the Ospedale is also a beacon of scientific discovery and research unlike any other in the world – particularly since the cataclysm of the Rent in the Sky.

In the years its been open, many a rich, intelligent noble has studied there, pursuing their own research into almost whatever they deem necessary. Provided they raise the funds and the manpower to fuel their research, each doctor is offered a degree of autonomy within the walls.

Doctors & Masters

A doctor can study hard for many years in the Ospedale without making any professional progress. Not all make it to a higher rank, and many fall to their own experiments before then.

However, those who work tirelessly and show a spark of true intellect (and a complete lack of empathy) can be awarded the title of Master. From there, only one ascends to be the Grand Master – a position currently held by Dr Faust van der Kaine after the founder Dr Andreas Nifo’s menal faculties sickened to the point of being unable to continue his research.

There are dozens of Masters within the Ospedale, some of which are more public figures such as the Master of Medicine, and some of which are unheard of outside of San Servolo, like the Master of Diabolism.

The Master of Zoology exists in a semi-public role. The original scope of research was to be caring for and healing animals – a true veterinarian. It was only after Dr Domenico Aldi took over the position that things started to change.


After Aldi took over, he combined the magical properties of the gems with his animal subjects, discovering the the magic imbued them with an anger and ferocity unmatched.

He managed to extend the life of many of these animals, keeping them alive despite grievous wounds and in some cases entire organs removed from their bodies. Grand Master Kaine’s interest was peaked by his research, seeing it as a way to make life extend past death. Although Aldi could never produce such a feat in his time in the role, the power that the gems brought to the beasts was no doubt impressive.

The research started off small, on rats and dogs, but soon progressed to much larger creatures. In 1795 the Doctors have fleets of ships bringing creatures from across the globe, trading their superior knowledge and sometimes technology for the most exotic animals. While the public are unaware of their research, talk of creatures great and small seen docking on San Servolo have spread across Venice, causing people to question exactly what the Doctors are up to.

Mostly because of these new beasts, the title of Master of Zoology changes very frequently – an occupational hazard unlike some of the more serene research roles. The current Master of Zoology is Dr Agnes Schreiber, a young Doctor who has made her way up through the ranks of the Doctors of the Beasts through determination and bravery bordering on recklessness.

Miniature Zoologist

All this is well and good, but what about the model and the rules?

The Master of Zoology was an idea we had a long time ago, in response to what the Doctors have and haven’t got. What they have is lots of beasts and Doctors of the Beasts. What they haven’t got is a Leader for those beasts, and a tough Leader to boot!

The Plague Doctor and – more than any other – the Doctor of the Mind are quite fragile characters. With low attack values and fairly middling protection, they’re best used in support roles. We thought that the Doctors could use someone a bit more beefy to lead them!

Not only that, but the Doctors are frequently low on Life Points and Protection without many ways to defend themselves. The Master of Zoology helps there too, with her massive shield and healing magic.

For the character herself, we knew we wanted to make someone who looked tough, and she needed to be armed in a way that would be able to deal with both enemies and her own beasts too! The Electrified Mace is another variant of the shock weapons of the Doctors of the Beasts and the Lab Assistants, and looks pretty dangerous!

The massive shield was designed to be something to protect her from her animals, and while dangerous, was something meant to dissuade them from attacking, rather than doing much damage. Its padded to protect them a little, but with some mean looking spikes that act as electrified deterrents! She also has armoured shoulders and vambraces, reminiscent of attack dog trainers, and plenty of padded leather to further accentuate her role.

We’re going to go into more detail about exactly what his character does tomorrow, when we share her complete stat card! Tune in then for more information on this formidable new friend or foe (depending on which side of the canal you live).


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