Teaser Tuesday – Industrial Hive?!

It’s Teaser Tuesday, so what’s coming out this week?

Well, it’s been a little while, but we’re venturing back into the depths of the Industrial Hive this Friday!

We’ve got four new Industrial Hive kits coming your way this week, all of them design for Iron Labyrinth.

For those just joining us, Iron Labyrinth is a series of kits that allows you to turn your 2D card gaming tiles into fully realised 3D spaces, all the better for your games in an industrial area of the far future! *cough cough*

We released a few sectors for Iron Labyrinth a little while ago, and we’re now revisiting to bring some requested add-ons and some new things we thought would make particularly cool games, and hopefully get more use out of your own Iron Labyrinth!

This first set we’re teasing today (it’s called Teaser Tuesday for a reason!) is the Sector Nihilus.

This simple set comes in two pieces, shown here piled up on top of each other.

The larger section on the bottom fills up the space of four wall sections and four column sections, allowing you to create a great upper level.

The smaller piece fills in the gap between four walls and four columns, meaning you can easily block off areas of your gaming space – all the better to simulate the cramped environments of the Industrial Hive!

Now, adding this extra layer to your games is all well and good, but it means you’ll have a rooftop that you might want to get up to.

That’s where the Iron Labyrinth Stairs come in!

This set comes with two sets of these stair sections, which fit right in with the Iron Labyrinth walls, connecting to columns with the same great locking mechanism.

So of course both of these kits are completely modular with each other and the rest of the Iron Labyrinth kits (would you expect anything less of us at this point?), so we put them together for a little look at what you can make.

We’ve also got two more Iron Labyrinth kits coming your way on Friday, so keep an eye on TTCommunity to be the first to find see everything new!

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