Friday New Venetian Releases

Get something new for beneath your miniatures’ feet with today’s new releases!

We have a massive seven new releases today, with brand new paving tiles for your Venetian boards!

We’ll start small and work up with the Raised Small Streets sections. You get four in a set, and they’re really useful for blocking out little areas of your street.

They have extra wall detailing on the bottoms to give your streets a little more variation, and also to help them go right up to the lower sections.

Next up, the Raised Medium Streets. This set comes with two sections, for only £7! These are probably the most useful size of all, allowing you enough space for a building, but also small enough to tuck into areas without interrupting your canals.

We also have the Raised Large Streets, which are double the size of the Medium Streets. You get two in this set (the equivalent of four Medium sections), for £11. Which – for the more mathematically minded of you – works out at quite a bargain for the amount of space they make on your board!

The Raised Plaza Street is just a single piece, but what a piece! This massive tile comes in at only £7, and as you can see from the Capodecina here, all these Raised sections are pretty tall!

Of course we wouldn’t do raised sections without corners! The Raised Street Corner set actually comes with twice that amount – two big corners and two small corners. These are really simple additions to your boards, but really help to bring it to life and shake up your games. Adding in diagonal canals between these tiles makes a great looking board!

Finally in our raised sections we have the Raised Street Stairs. This set contains one single block stair section (good for most people to walk up and down) and one double block stair section (better sized for Raadru and other monsters).

These stairs let you traverse down to the canal with ease, each step allowing a 30mm base to sit easily on top (and slightly wedged underneath to stop the model falling).

And of course, what would a Streets of Venice release be without a gondola? The Cargo Gondola makes a great addition to your boards. It’s full of packages, so doesn’t make for a very good transport, but a great obstacle for jumping onto!


All of our new releases are available on the webstore now. As always, if you order over the weekend we’ll ship your goodies out first thing on Monday. You could have a whole new Venetian board by next weekend!

If you’d like a regular Venetian board to add these raised sections to, check out the Venetian Block Streets and the Venetian Quarter Streets – they’re great (and very cheap) ways to populate your board!

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