Teaser Tuesday – Rising Tide

More Streets of Venice kits are coming this Friday, get your first taste here!

To coincide with the launch of our most recent Carnevale kits, we’re going to be launching a new lot of Streets of Venice Tabletop Scenics products on Friday!

This week the waters are rising, and Venice is adapting to it with some raised street sections. Let’s take a look at a few in today’s Teaser Tuesday preview.

We’re taking all of the street sections from the Streets of Venice range, and doubling their height!

You’ll see in this small section that not only is the height going up, but these sections are gaining a bit more detail. To make sure all your sections sit flush together, these extra pieces have been added. That way regular height and raised height will be nice and neat on the table!

We’ll have every size available as a raised section, with varying details on the sides.

It’s a lot harder to climb out of the canals with these tall walls (look how they dwarf the Capodecina there!), but some of the kits will have little optional ladders to glue on in case you want to make access points.

We’re also releasing some raised stair sections, just in case you want to make it easier to climb out of the canal. This set comes with a small section and this medium section. Models fit nicely onto the steps too, which will help keep them from falling during the game!

And of course, with all this rising water, you need a gondola to get around!

This new Cargo Gondola will be released on Friday too. It’s full of boxes and barrels and fish too! While it doesn’t make a great boat for your Carnevale models to row around on, it’s an excellent Obstacle for Chained Jumps, and looks awesome on the board too!


All of these raised sections (and gondola) will be available on Friday, and later this week we’re going to put together a couple of board set ups to show you what they look like all together, so check back to TTCommunity soon!

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