New Releases – New York!

We have brand new SFX kits out today – let’s look!

We had a peek on Teaser Tuesday of what was coming out today, and we have a couple of extra new MDF kits released as well.

Let’s not waste any time and get into it!

Dicington Tower is our first kit, and isn’t just a scenery piece – it’s a dice tower too!

This neat little kit makes an excellent Garrison in your games of Dropzone Commander, and fits any of our new dice too!

Our next kit released today is the esteemed Helix Labs. This fancy installation makes two smaller buildings with unique angled designs. Of course even though the main office is petite, it’s still perfectly equipped for games of DZC – it has a flat roof with a nice edge so your infantry don’t fall off!

For a measly £6 it’s a great buy for a more futuristic looking board.

We saw the Level Steel Building the other day, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive! It’s a great kit that’s pretty massive!

My favourite detail (aside from loving the building its based on) is the little Raven-sized landing pad I mentioned the other day. So cute!

The Brownstone Rows are some of my favourite kits, and these brand new West Side Brownstones are up there too! I love these easy to assemble kits.

They make excellent terrain for filling out a board. We all usually play on boards with individual buildings not linked together at all, but the West Side Brownstones are perfect for putting down next to others to create a full city block. And at £8 for two, they’re super affordable too!

The last new kit today is the massive Regal Financiers!

This absolute beast of a kit makes an amazing centre piece on a board, and the perfect building to fight over in smaller Skirmish sized games.

Not only is it incredibly detailed, but the entire top structure simply sits on the roof, meaning you actually get two buildings in one if you want to use them separately! We’d recommend using this as three Linked Garrisons – the two halves of the bottom and the top structure as the third.


If you’d like to pick up any of these new kits, head over to the TTCombat webstore now! Order today and we’ll ship them out Monday for you (unless you have Battle for Earth on order too – then you may have to wait a few more days!).

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