Teaser Tuesday – New York Under Siege

It’s time to take the fight to New York with this week’s releases!

On Friday we’ll be launching the first lot of our new Sci-Fi X kits, designed for Dropzone Commander. With Battle for Earth arriving on doorsteps in just a few days, it’s the perfect time to get some new scenery on your table.

So this Teaser Tuesday we’re going to look at a short few of the new releases coming out this Friday. All of these kits are made for 10mm scale games, and although they’re designed for Dropzone Commander, they’ll also look great in other 10mm games (looking at you, Adeptus Titanicus).

The first kit in the thumbnail is this impressive piece. Known as the Level Steel Building (cough), this awesome terrain kit is full of New York style.

With a unique shape it’ll be a real eye catcher for your gaming boards, and comes with a little helicopter pad on the roof which will fit a Raven dropship!

The West Side Brownstones are next, taking the Brownstone design already available, and supersizing them! These come in twos, which makes them the perfect bits for filling out your board. A few of these kits together will give you a really dense board that feels like fighting in the tight streets of a metropolitan area.

The final kit we’re going to tease today is the illustrious Dicington Tower. This building comes with a lovely little courtyard, but it’s not for nothing! The top of this kit is removable, and turns it into a real dice tower (as if you couldn’t tell by the name). Perfect for rolling all your new Dropzone Commander dice.


Be sure to check in on Friday to see the rest of the releases, and don’t forget to pre-order Battle for Earth!

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