New Event Exclusives, Dropzone Website, and More!

The time is upon us, new event exclusives are out!

New Event Exclusives

With UK Games Expo open it’s time to release our event exclusives for this year. We have a whole bunch of awesome minis for a whole bunch of games, lets have a look at what’s on offer.

EAA Columbus Walker

Our first event miniature (it’s not really that mini though) is the EAA Columbus Walker. These were left abandoned when the Scourge took over but have since been brought back into service with the reconquest of Earth. They can be built with either a flamethrower or anti-air turret and are available for UCM, PHR, or Resistance forces.

Pungari Thresher

Anyone that plays Shaltari knows that when it comes to Pungari, quantity is their main quality. They take this way of thinking and apply it with gusto in Dropfleet. The Thresher lacks most of the traditional weaponry seen on ships of other species and instead relies on boarding torpedoes and bulk landers. The Pungari Thresher is able to be taken in any fleet but gets some nifty defensive upgrades when included in a Shaltari fleet.

Plague Doctress

The Plague Doctor is one of the most popular minis in Carnevale and players have been clamouring for more. The Plague Doctress is a fantastic alternative to the Plague Doctor from the Starter Box, brandishing a nasty looking scalpel she’s ready to perform sinister experiments throughout the streets of Venice.

Brains Babe

We’ve had no small amount of people ask about getting their hands on one of our Board Babes, originally in the RUMBLESLAM Kickstarter, we never intended to bring her back. Until now that is! Though it seems like she had a nasty accident after the Kickstarter. She’s missing a few body parts, but the fans of Rolling Bones adore her all the same.

Dropzone Commander

New Website!

Now that attendees at UK Games Expo are able to get their hands on Battle For Earth we thought we had better release the new Dropzone Commander website. It’s still a little rough around the edges but you can find it at (we’re still working on the .com, so make sure to use for now). We’ll be improving both the website and our next topic over the coming weeks.

Army Builder

Our army builder web app is now live! Well, more accurately it’s in public beta. We’ll have a post about how to make the most out of this web app at a later date, but for now feel free to make up new lists using the new rules. It even has a little error box to tell you if your list is a legal list or not, just make sure to set the points you’ll be playing to make use of this feature.

A Sneaky Release

Event exclusives, Dropzone websites, what more could we offer today? Well I’m glad you asked! We have a scenery release for you dungeon delvers in the form of the third dungeon tiles set. This one features new detailing and new shapes that you can use to enhance previous dungeon sets or use as a standalone set.

You can find all these event exclusives as well as our limited edition items on our webstore here!

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