WIP Wednesday – Jellies on the 3D Printer

Something is scuttling out of the resin room!

With Battle for Earth on the way, we thought we’d show one of the new units you can expect in the new edition of Dropzone Commander.

The Subjugator is a new variant for the Scourge Oppressor, which trades up the Plasma Carbines for this weird contraption!

The Subjugator is going to be particularly adept at – surprise surprise – subjugating its foes, messing with your enemy units to make them easier for the rest of your army to deal with!

The new orange parts on the back are 3D prints straight from the printer (after a bit of UV treatment), so we’re a little way off seeing this unit on the battlefield, but it’s just a little WIP to show that every faction will be receiving some love in this edition. Some units will provide alternate uses for existing chassis and some will be entirely new creations!

When we have more info about the Subjugator and any other new DZC units, this will be the first place we’ll put it. And make sure to tune in to TTCommunity over the next few weeks where we’ll be talking about Battle for Earth galore!

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