SciFi X WIP Wednesday

This WIP Wednesday we have a little bit of Sci-Fi X news…

With Battle for Earth arriving shortly (more info on that very soon) we have a sneak peek today at some of the scenery the design team have been working on for the upcoming release!

We hope to have a full boards worth of Sci-Fi X buildings ready when Battle for Earth launches with a new edition of the Dropzone Commander rules.

In this shot you get a good view of the back of Mike’s stadium, it’s a big kit coming in around a foot square. You can also see one of the new flood drain board tiles, we wanted to make something like this to add some depth to the board as a whole.

Next up Neil has been busy making new brownstones. These are primarily designed to be filler and go around all your other buildings. They are perfect for making areas of the city more dense as well as being combined into a larger residential complex.

From here you can see the flood defence board sections extend right the way across. Some other new things are office building covered in triangles (I’m thinking of calling it the Pythagoras Tower) and the highline raised railway. The highline is tall enough to move units underneath as well as being able to move them on the tracks themselves. Another kit we designed to add verticality to your boards.

Side note: The huge building in the middle is being resized to fit on our product sheets and also to not be prohibitively expensive.

All of this scenery is work in progress and is subject to change so you may not get exactly what you’re seeing here.

If you’re liking the scenery so far make sure to let us know!

4 Replies to “SciFi X WIP Wednesday”

  1. Are the street panels ever going to be on sale individually? Buying the new buildings, as I intend, will require a new map layout to hold it all. I like the aqueduct and the idea of an elevated rail. I hope these go beyond concept art, and that you’ll eventually name, or describe, the other buildings in your display

  2. Ooooooh, definitely hoping those buildings make it to production, and we’re also able to buy the various added depth tiles too!

    …And the construction crane too!

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