Teaser Tuesday – Battle for Venice

What lurks in the shadows and in the canals?

This Friday we’ll see!

That’s right, it’s almost new release time yet again for Carnevale!

We have a couple of new boxed sets coming to you this week, along with an extra character and some scenery. For Teaser Tuesday, we’re going to show you what you get in these new boxes.

The first box is for our intrepid heroes* the Guild!

Stars of the Carnevale 2-Player Starter Box, the Guild are getting some serious reinforcements this week.

The Prince’s Court is a gang all by itself, coming in at a perfect 75 Ducats. It contains a Prince of Thieves (who’d have guessed), who is possibly the strongest Leader the Guild can take. While slower than a Capodecina, he more than makes up for that with higher Protection and even a Concealed Pistol!

The Prince is flanked by 2 Baroni. These vicious members of the Guild are almost more secretive than the other members! They act as muscle for a Capodecina, but also report all goings-on within the Guild directly to the King of Thieves. A shadowy organisation inside a shadowy organisation, no one really knows where their true loyalties lie. One thing is for sure: they’re great at bossing people around and shooting opponents with their Duelling Pistols!

Finally the Prince is helped out by two of the lowest level members of the Guild: the Pilferers. These youths have been recruited from an early age. Extremely dexterous and fast, the City Guard struggle to lay a hand on them. Their pick-pocketing skills have been honed by a life on the streets, and put to good use for the Guild.

Our second box is one of monsters! The Rashaar get some reinforcements in the form of the Deeper Denizens.

This box will really help budding Rashaar players, especially ones that simply picked up the Rashaar Starter Gang.

They gain an extra Slave, who is always good for a packed lunch. A previously limited model only available as a Stretch Goal in the Kickstarter campaign, she’ll make a tasty edition to a gang of hungry monsters.

She’s helped by two Hybrids. For Rashaar players finding they’re struggling to take Objectives, the Hybrids are the choice for you! While they’re a little weak and slow on the ground, they’ll outswim any other faction, and their Dive Knives mean they won’t suffer penalties attacking in the water either!

Save the biggest for last! The Raadru is one of the biggest and toughest monsters in the game. Rightly feared by many opponents, this massive creature boasts high Attack, Protection, and a ridiculous 20 Life Points! Add to that how quick they are in water, the Fear they put into opponents, and a massive +2 damage on their Webbed Fists, and you’ve got one heck of a centre point to ground your gang around! Don’t forget that the Slave can feed herself to the Raadru for bonus Life Points too!


These boxes are getting released for pre-order on Friday, along with a couple of surprises. We’ll be taking a closer a look at both the factions this week, and will show you the other releases here on Friday, so stop back soon!


*Lol not really

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