New Release Friday – War! What is it Good For?

It’s good for MDF terrain kits!

It’s Friday again. What’s everyone doing for the long weekend? Apologies if you don’t get a long week. 🙁

We’ve got seven new World War kits for release today, at 25mm scale for your games of Bolt Action. Let’s get into it, shall we?

We saw the 25mm Village Maison Amelie earlier this week, and it’s available to order now! With lush detail and even a little drainpipe, it’s a good start to your village.

To continue your little hamlet, check out the 25mm Village Maison Belle. It’s styled after period houses from France (the clue is in the name really), with a slight overhang and cute little windows too.

Our third and final house is the 25mm Village Maison Celeste. It’s a dinky one! You’d be surprised at how hard it is to get an L-shaped roof working. Unless you’re an architect or builder I guess. You probably know the frustration.

This cute little cottage is only a fiver! :O

We also saw the 25mm Village Hotel the other day. This is such a huge kit, it’s pretty unbelievable! With three storeys (all removable) it makes a brilliant centrepiece for your gaming table, and a great place to hold up and provide covering fire from the windows.

The 25mm Village Market Stalls are a simple (and cheap – £6 for four stalls & two carts) way to add a bit of smaller cover to your games. They’re the perfect size for infantry to hide behind (or in), but small enough that tanks can’t hide!

A market can’t be the only business in the village though, which is where the 25mm Village Shop comes in! This tall building comes complete with awnings over the windows – great for browsing. And to fit the theme of the village, your shopkeepers can live on the first floor above!

Finally, our last product today is the 25mm Village Bakery. Like the shop it sits inside a little house, with a sign hanging off the front to lure in customers/enemy soldiers. Both the Bakery and the Shop will sit alongside all the other houses in the range and fit in really well, creating a small village to fight over.


All seven of these new products are available to order right now on the TTCombat webstore. Order over the bank holiday weekend and we’ll post them out to you next week. Not Monday though – we may be working, but the postal service isn’t!

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